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If anything this just brings UA back into the spotlight as an elite brand with a presence at the Olympics. Oh yea, I also heard the Curling team didn't have THE STONES to complain to UA about their suits...::cricket cricket::.....
Agreed 100%
Good article Doug. I'm in the bankruptcy camp as well. I dont see the Chinese government giving a hoot about LDK once it reaches terminal velocity, although at the moment there may be a sliver of hope (a very small sliver imo). When speaking of odds, they are surely not in $LDK's favor.
We'll know very very soon...
This sounds to be about right after Analyst Day presentation/Q&A
Although being the reserve currency throughout the dawn of the Information Age can't hurt.
Great point david. In the statement above, there is also no FDA mention of potential for lower dosage solution.
The Revolutionary War chart made me far less nervous...
I agree, most see the corporation/govt link as one sided. My observation has been that Republicans seem to be unashamed of it, while Democrats seem to want to hide the fact.
Agreed it would, but I didn't intend to highlight partisanship. I've been following your commentary for long enough now to know that it was not what you were aiming for. If you were to pick one company from this list who you feel will benefit from the govt link, which would it be?
Just curious, what're the repub charts looking like these days?
I get the beebs, gaga, and potus.. But Katy Perry at #2 still surprises me a bit. I'd be interested to see an updated country by country breakdown of twitter users. If im long twitter in the future, I'd sure be concerned about its vulnerability to countries that would love to see an American business crash and burn. All it takes is china to ban or hack.. seems risky for investors. Thoughts?
Thanks Mark!
Do you have a target in mind?
Hey Mark, whats your play on $LGF?
Oddly, this is the most attention ive seen $LGF get in months..
With that being said, even strong stocks pull back... when LGF does I will be buying.
Zhen Lu, your article ultimately made me more confident in the stock. Thank you
Maybe not "the" major player but certainly "one of the" major players.
".. I do not think the debt issue will be solved."
But if the debt issue is simply managed properly, shorts will be crushed.
Great points as usual, Dr. K! To understand volatility is to understand that it is misunderstood... Catching a pullback w/ volatility can be nice
Long LGF, amazing run now waiting for pullback
Just a couple points Sharkie if I may. First, Ben doesn't run out of bullets, he just gets bored of shooting at the dead body. Secondly, do you not think that Europe already knows France is in trouble? There will be no surprise, just more and more talking. On our end, volatile markets will receive a Botox-like shot if any easing happens but we are still waxing the floor of a falling building!
And to the author, great article. I appreciate the in and out SDS trade as well.
Vietnam is incredibly interesting to me. VNM chart looks like a tired bounce holding above its 200dma, (which right now means nothing, I'd like to buy around $16) while Gov't assistance admits to being at the ready. L/T position imo
Hey Jeff,
In regards to your market coverage, it is superb. Clear and concise whether video or text. This is a scary time to be short , if charts start getting up above res, people may get excited. In my opinion, res is strong and that's why you watch so carefully. The "individual names" idea you mention is the route I'm taking. Two additional questions if you don't mind.. your take on a floor in crude? and do you follow any emerging markets?
LGF making move after move, cool news
Aristophones what are you talking about??
LGF / IMAX release of Hunger Games to China should be quite telling of US film potential in Asia. Long LGF
Last couple months have been rough on the price but just a buying opportunity in the opinion of most. Long MTDR
Hunger Games/IMAX in China, big news. Long LGF
Great potential, LGF has their finger on the pulse of the film industry and has done well supporting their big hitters. Price target $21