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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]

    Who knows where it is stated, by somewhere I commented that Apple will sit atop the technology consumer market for a long time. Until someone comes along with a better product or the slip up on their own. I think the latter has a better chance as of now. Apple owns tech, but usually one cannot stay at the top forever, so we shall see. I am a fan and support of Apple from now and into the future.

    Thanks for commenting. Appreciate it! Cheers,

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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]

    There is essentially one thing I can gather from your post: Amazon is toast in the tablet market. Do you agree? Whether the mini iPad comes a long or not, the Nexus whoops the Fire.

    Also, I've heard it enough where the 1 major draw for Amazon users is the Prime membership. This membership gives the use of (free 2 day shipping--nice) but a lot of unlimited books and shows and whatever else, for only $70/yr. But that alone cannot float the success for the Fire. Especially with each one being created at a loss to Amazon, I really question the future success of Amazon in the tablet world.

    It would be interesting to see the iPad Mini vs. the Nexus 7. I Appreciate the input, very constructive.

    Thanks for commenting and for the kind words! Cheers,

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  • No One Wants The iPhone? Think Again [View article]
    Yes, well keep in mind too that technology goes in fads. I'm sure in 10 years we can look back and say it was a fad, but you never know. Maybe not. I love Apple, and I love their company. It's just hard to sit at the top for so long without faltering. Everyone else has so far, so I suspect Apple with eventually. The question is when. Currently they dominate, and will continue to until someone steps up or they slip up.

    Thanks for commenting. Cheers,

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  • No One Wants The iPhone? Think Again [View article]
    With all due respect, they already own a majority of the market. Many people who don't use the iPhone are looking to switch to it. I mean, really there are a lot of people waiting to to go iPhone and not a lot of iPhone users looking to go Android or anything else.

    They don't "need" innovation, but by failing to be innovative, it allows them to fall behind. Which they have in the past. Also, if/when Apple adds China Mobile, their market share will grow by many %'s !

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  • No One Wants The iPhone? Think Again [View article]

    Here's my opinion, and it's just that. I think that plenty other phones and gadgets work great. I'm not a huge Android fan, but that was a long time ago. I have seen they've come a long way and many products work well. They just, can't break into the Apple death grip. Apple just dominates the market and as nice as some of these other products are, well they just aren't an Apple!

    In regards to MSFT, the problem I have with them is that they fail to be innovative. They fail to be revolutionary. Don't get me wrong, I like MSFT and have written articles based on my support for them. But what some say about Ballmer is true and MSFT has their hands in a lot of things. Not all will succeed but some have the chance to be very profitable for them. That said, I don't think their products are lousy, they just aren't original and innovative. While they could be successful, they aren't revolutionary, and that's where true success blossoms.

    Thanks for you input,

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  • No One Wants The iPhone? Think Again [View article]

    Exactly! I owe the credit on the "coolness factor" to Rocco, another author now writing for the However that is essentially my point. They have all their devices so seamlessly and perfectly connected. They're so appealing!

    As I said in another article about an iPad Mini--You don't see people walking around listening to their Zune while web browsing on their Samsung Galaxy tablet and seeing their Nokia Lumia start ringing!!

    And those don't flow together. Apple is sexy! All of them have flow. They've nailed it so far, in my opinion.
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  • No One Wants The iPhone? Think Again [View article]

    Much like Applocrat states it is essentially "fact." I too would take your stance had I not written the article and do the research on my own. There are plenty of other surveys that relay the same results--some a bit higher, some a bit lower--as the GS one. The GS one is about the average from what I've found.

    If it still arouses your curiosity, you can do a quick Google search and find many support surveys/articles, etc. Hope this helps! :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting--both of you. Cheers,

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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]
    Mr. Maverick,

    Let's quickly get one thing out of the way. You're constant reference to me as "day trader" has no legitimate space in this debate. Firstly, no where, not even my profile page states "I am a day trader." I don't care much of how you depict me and if by "Trading frequency: Daily" you have derived the notion of a day trader, does not make it correct. While I do day trade, I am heavily involved in the market, on a DAILY basis. This does not mean I do not have a longer term analysis, holdings or viewpoints. Your stance suggests that a day trader is highly unlikely to be capable to observe a company on a fundamental basis and can "only scratch the surface" of what a company is about. I think this viewpoint is arrogant and naive.

    My point is, Apple is a major success. Will they be a major success forever? Well, only if they continuously innovate, forever. So the odds are no. But they will be for quite some time.

    You can have whatever viewpoint you want as far as hardware and software go. You can like your Nexus or Fire or whatever you want. But the truth is people love the iPad, not the Nexus, Fire, Galaxy or anything else.

    The iPad has been doing well so far. In fact the tablet business is in it's early stages of completely overtaking the PC. Hmm...I wonder who will dominate that market? It couldn't be Apple could it? It could and it is. They own the tablet market, it's essentially the iPad market, not the tablet space. Look at what they did to mp3 players. Who walks around NOT using an iPod. Maybe only those who are walking around using their iPhone instead.

    Tablets are big now and are going to be huge. If they make the educational turn and start using the university books on them, they'll be even bigger. Education as a whole has a huge space for the tablet market, and what better than the iPad? The medical and business fields are also beginning to make the switch and this is going to lead to more and more sales.

    Does Apple have risk? Absolutely. There's no denying that. But the products the make are products people want, and that demand is going to die away anytime soon.

    You don't see a lot of people walking around listening to their Zune, while web browsing on their Samsung Galaxy and getting a call on their Nokia Lumia. That is all I am trying to say here.
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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]
    4phun and pridon---

    Thanks for the update and letting us know!

    Appreciate it,

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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]
    User 208961,

    I understand your point. I really do. However, my point I'm trying to make is simple and it is this:

    There is a market for smaller tablets. If one could choose a Nexus/Fire for ~$250 or an iPad Mini for near the same price...which would you choose?

    My hypothesis would be that many would choose the mini. I don't think it will be the "next great thing" from Apple and I don't think it will be more successful than the current version/size of the iPad, but that does not mean I don't think it will be successful.

    You bring up great points and it's awesome for us, readers and SA as a whole to have good back-and-forth in the comments section. It raises different viewpoints, stances and facts. So far it has been very constructive. Thanks for you professionalism!



    PS It would make an AMAZING remote for the AppleTV. Though I know it's intent would not be that alone.
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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]

    Good! Sometimes communication can be misconstrued, especially online. It is amazing how fast tech goes in and out, and truly, as big of an Apple fan as I am, I'm sure it'll happen to them eventually. Unfortunately.
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  • No One Wants The iPhone? Think Again [View article]

    Also, you know Steve Jobs left products for the future. He had the idea of a laptop waaaay before it came along. He knew he was in trouble with his cancer, so you know he has more up Apple's sleeve.


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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]
    Maverick (in third person apparently),

    You seem to be an Apple hater, or at the very least someone who does not prefer Apple products. Maybe it's because their the best in breed. Maybe because you like the underdog and Apple is now the top dog. Whatever your reasons may be, you can't fight the with the "Apple is a lousy product" mantra.

    Let me begin by saying, Amazon does NOT have "hundreds of millions of kindles in their users hands." Simple logic to one who has almost no knowledge of stocks or companies would know that this is not true. Hundreds of millions..You were kidding right?

    You mention Apple on a value basis, while defending the kindle. You do realize, (and perhaps your inexperienced with the mathematics behind finance) that Apple trades with a P/E ~14, while Amazon trades with a P/E of almost 300?
    To take this comment one length further, Apple on an earnings basis kills it. Amazon couldn't even beat earnings while analysts estimated a 2 CENTS per share. They missed earnings on a two cent estimate.

    Before critiquing and Apple sales model (or earnings model) it would help if Amazon could at least sell their tablet for a profit--which by the way, it does not.

    If Apple were half as bad or as inferior to its competitors as you make it sound it would not have the kind of success it has already had. They're not just a big tech name, they're the biggest company in the WORLD! With over $100 billion in the bank.

    If you don't like them, that's your opinion and totally entitled to it. By you can't build much a case against their products. This many people would not be lined up to get their hands on new Apple gadgets if they were a piece of crap. They are Goliath, and whatever grudge you have against them doesn't matter, because they're still the best in the biz.
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  • No One Wants The iPhone? Think Again [View article]

    It's too bad how much analysts effect stocks/market considering how many of them are flat out wrong on such a reoccurring basis. I love the downgrade that comes 3 weeks after a stock price gets cut in half.

    Thanks for your input,

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  • Why A Mini iPad Will Kill The Kindle [View article]
    Apple believes in creating great products for users that want them. If enough people want them, they will make them regardless of what it does to the sales of their own products.

    I'm sorry podmeister, this is just the way the Apple philosophy works.
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