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Long only, special situations, deep value, contrarian
Brett Wilson
Long only, special situations, deep value, contrarian
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Your idea of Helmerich & Payne buying the company is very interesting. The downturn actually could be boosting the odds of a takeover. In a downturn like the one that we are experiencing now, there is actually an increased incentive for companies to combine in order to protect themselves from the downturn.
Boeing finished up over 77% in 2013 compared to the Dow's 23% gain...
Thanks for the comment! I will certainly take a look at those stocks.
Dave, I thought you did a great job of presenting this company to potential investors. GrowthGeek, ClearSign does seem to have potential, but other contributors do not seem to agree on this. What do you think of this article from early this year? Of course the story could be much different now since the article was published in February.
This has been said before, but we are all aware that the company hasn't been profitable for years. The company's potential for profitability is why we are all interested in it.
This is very interesting Ocean Saratoga. I was unaware of this development.
Thank you for your positive comments. I believe that SPD SmartGlass is a very complex technology. It has taken years for the technology to developed and marketed. I am well aware that the company hasn't been profitable for years as some members of the SA community have noted. In my opinion the company has truly turned a corner. The company's products have taken years to gain traction. Recently, we have seen the company's become mainstream with its their introduction in mass produced automobiles such as the Mercedes S-Class. Technically speaking the stock is breaking out. The stock has moved beyond its long term technical resistance level 4.40 and it is currently moving past the 6 dollar level.
Nice thoughts. Its also important to note that the stock has broken past its resistance level of 4.40.
It certainly is a speculative play.
Would Mercedes really want to partner with a company that only sold "the sizzle, not the steak?" I doubt it, but it is possible. Mercedes tends to partner with high quality companies. The addition of a third vehicle is a game changer for this company.
Yes, but how will recent deals affect the company going forward. Do you think that the S-Class deal will not affect the company? I think you are underestimating the potential of this deal. I want to know your opinion on this. Will this deal allow the company to become profitable? Past events won't affect the future performance of this stock in my opinion.
I'm well aware that this company is not yet profitable. If you read the interview you would know that I asked him about this very topic. I really do believe that this company is finally getting closer to becoming profitable. Its important to remember that this technology was not featured in Mercedes vehicles until 2011. Now that the SmartGlass is being used in the S-Class the company is likely to become profitable in the near term assuming that the take rates are high.
Agreed. It is important to note that acquisitions could have affected margins.
I would love to hear from company insiders as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Here is the disclaimer from one of the spam emails that I received last night.
The site does seem rather odd to me. The ticker symbol "WILD" is shown on the front page of their site. Can you imagine if "AAPL" was on the front page of Apple's site?
I will definitely look into it!
Sanborn was removed from OTCBB today. It now trades on the pink sheets.
It's good to hear that you found those emails to be suspicious. Your definitely right that the price movements alone confirm that this is a pump and dump.
Hey RockieK,
Thanks for pointing out the compensated posters on iHub. I forgot to mention it. The user that you mentioned isn't the only compensated poster for that forum. PubCapital Inc. was the group that helped to promote NHUR. I am not familiar with Stock Goodies, but here is something on them.
Great points! Tandy has dozens of stores in the U.S. already. They have plenty of room for growth domestically and they are established at this point because they lack direct competition. Tandy is focused more on upgrading their existing stores at this point rather than building new ones in the U.S. However, internationally they are more focused on expanding their presence.
I answer that question in the article.
I'm not entirely sure if its been released yet. The site still says 'reserve'.
Thanks for pointing that out, I will submit a correction to fix that
Great points! I agree that 30% growth isn't likely, but it is possible. I prefer Ford over automakers mainly because of its management team. Alan Mullay is a fantastic CEO. Government ownership of GM could hold the stock back in the short term.
This article specifically states that it is "$1.2 billion loss to Carnegie Mellon University."
Your right that things can't go own forever. Turkish growth could eventually fade away, but this is unlikely to happen in the near future. Turkish democracy is still at risk, but they have made great progress in the 21st century.
Great article. I am also long NOV. The nickname accurately describes this company. The company's name can be found on 90% of oil rigs. The recent sell off is unjustified.
I actually purchased shares this morning at probably is a good idea to wait though. Low 60s or high 50s would probably be the best entry point.
Great points! It is important to note that Turkish market is booming. Many western Europeans are now retiring here, which is fueling the real estate market. Infrastructure spending has also increased lately. Turkey is currently building a new bridge across the Bosphorus to help with potential traffic from the Olympics.
This ETF certainly has potential. However, Petrobas is one of the ETFs largest holdings. Petrobas is near 52 week lows and the company could bring down the ETF.
Walmart does have a masive existing footprint domestically and internationally. However, Target is still forecasted to grow at a quicker rate.