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Brian Abbott  

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  • Aspen Shareholders Reject Endurance's Acquisition Bid
       • Jul. 29, 2014 AHL 6 Comments


    • Aspen shareholders rejected Endurance's acquisition bid, which was a premium of over 15% above current book value.
    • Aspen had good Q2 Earnings, which seemed lost in the takeover noise.
    • Aspen remains better-valued than Endurance, especially as takeover premium gets deflated.
  • Three Reasons Aspen Insurance Should Accept The Buyout From Endurance
     • Apr. 19, 2014 AHL 8 Comments


    • Premium to book value is a good exit for current Aspen investors.
    • Few mergers or acquisitions are happening lately in the reinsurance space.
    • Low investment returns and higher price to book across the industry forecast lower returns going forward.