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Dividend growth investing, value, growth at reasonable price, portfolio strategy
Brian Barbour
Dividend growth investing, value, growth at reasonable price, portfolio strategy
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Some people prefer smaller phones, some prefer larger. As long as Apple sticks to premium quality and does not try to target the low end of the market I will be happy.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing
Anyone else have the problem now trying to email another user with the 'message' button. If your message is longer than (i think it is around 8-10 lines) the send button disappears below the bottom of the page and only reappears if you take away lines of text?
I think people are too quick to come to a conclusion. It is a 's' model year. Chances as we will see less growth of phone sales until the 7 model. The same supplier reports that stated there was order cuts said that they see good growth through 2017 and 2018
probably not long before Apple could potentially buy Amazon in full cash....
At nearly $280b still can't make a profit bigger than Apple's Services segment....
Im not sure on that to be honest. It definitely is run more like a tight ship now. I wouldn't want to see Apple try to go into any old venture for the sake of it. Apple has never got success over new inventions, it has always been a result of vastly improving something that already exists.
Possibly they are discounting a lot of the cash held overseas. Obviously if it was brought back 35% would be taxed but many might be assuming that the prospects of bringing any of it back are very slim for the foreseeable future. It would be good if Apple did make some big meaningful acquisitions.
Ive actually been quite concerned with the big jumps in R&D spend over the last few years without any big changes in their technology.
Im sure Apple will come back in the second half of the year though. Whoever even took a good look at the supplier reports and the Nikkei report would of seen that the drop in production was for the Jan-March Q and it would recover and actually grow in '17 and '18.
Oh and with many people on earth left with internet can they exploit. They keep saying they have over 1b users on each platform but no doubt a high proportion are the same person counted over each platform. I am still very skeptical about advertising....not once in my life have I clicked on an ad and really doubt how much online ads influence my purchasing behaviour.
Thats one of the reasons i don't trade. It is just a nightmare for the individual investor.
But whenever i do plan on buying something, i always purchase very soon before closing. Always seems like prices tend to head south around then.
Apple is still growing earnings while Samsung's are plummeting. Apple also has other segments growing fast.
Samsung also has no ecosystem to help stop customers move to other brands. They are getting hammered as they try to put phones into all price categories, competing with Apple at the top and the likes of xioami at the lower end. Nobody is going to view you as a premium brand when there are so many different models of different prices.
Further, investors like to have clarity on earnings reports and how different segments are doing. Samsung is renowned for not being very up front with investors.
agree, its the usual high p/e, lack of earnings stocks flying. Wonder how many will get drawn in by temptation.
"joining Apple in foretelling a downbeat 2016"
Samsung profit down 40% is slightly more downbeat than to just narrowly miss analysts revenue targets but still achieve record profits.
There have been funds buying. Blackrock increased their stake by 100m shares two days ago.
Think this was in addition to increases in FB
Firstly, its Brian. Happens far to often ha!
Personally I think India will be similar to China, and India has over 1.2b so even if they manage to capture the richest 5% that is approximately 60m potential customers.
Gold.....anyone holding gold over the last 5 years has viewed it as a depreciating asset. If they bought themselves a gold iphone, that might fulfil their love for gold, be an indication of wealth and would actually carry some use.
Well its funny how India is the biggest consumer of gold in the world.
Yes there is a lot of poverty in India (which has slowed dramatically over the past few decades), but they have strong GDP growth (over 7.5%) and have many people who can afford products like the iPhone.
In addition, just seen that Blackrock has increased their Apple stake to 5.7% (increased by approximately 100m shares)
Good to see the smart money likes Apple.
Mark, I think we see eye to eye on Apple.
Im happy to let other 'investors' join the bandwagon on momentum stocks which are pushed up constantly by analysts who pick and choose what data they praise and generally shift away from GAAP accounting to make results look better than what is the case.
Personally, do i actually allocate much of my time caring if a company beats or misses expectations? I would rather spend my time reading the ingredients on the back of a shampoo bottle. I look at the data they are giving us on growth in different segments and I am still very content.
I do sometimes wonder how much money most people make off Apple? I would guess a lot less than most would presume, mainly due to how heavily it is traded off the back of the constant streams of news we are force fed. I made the mistake once of selling some shares back in 2012. Thankfully I have never sold a single share since then and have intact increased my position dramatically since.
Truth is Apple is a proper money making machine that carries the valuation of a sub-par company, which is obviously not the case. My guess is they will continue to increase the dividend by a healthy amount later in the year, along with more buy-backs.
pretty sure thats next quarter (1 year ago)
Because that includes Chinese New Year, which is pretty much the equivalent of their xmas. Last year was around 70%.
Not seen any commenters mention China growth..... 14%! Were we not told by analysts that growth in China had disappeared?
China is no doubt where future growth is going to come from.
Alex Pitti
C'mon I know that.... I was just pointing out the irony.
Not read through the report yet just saw the headline. But first thoughts are that they are actually pretty good results considering FX headwinds.
Apple beats every quarter = shares down.
Apple misses = shares up? Hopefully not speaking too soon!
I generally am not bothered by moves in the market. I am invested in companies whose valuations are not the same as the wider market and I think as long as you don't get carried away with high flying mo-mo stocks and instead stick with boring companies with predictable and real earnings you will be fine. I am now able to buy certain companies trading at historically 'cheap' multiples with historically high dividend yields whose businesses are either not affected or actually benefit from lower oil.
I'm pretty sure this correction will be a mere blip in my lifetime
Vote4: exactly. If this is true, what it does show is that Apple doesn't want to settle for something mediocre, they want to get it right.
Seems a bit conservative having 10% allocated to wind and solar, especially with the even higher targets produced from COP21.
Of course it works both ways. I am not saying the market is not overvalued, I have actually stated for several months now through comments and my own articles that many areas were getting overvalued. Hence why, from August I have consistently had a cautious outlook.
The point i am making is that many do not separate individual companies from the market. Thankfully I have been 30% in cash for a few months and I am looking for bargains where stocks have dropped that do not deserve to be put into the same basket as many crazily valued companies.
It is funny seeing so many 'investors' panicking anytime the market drops a couple % in a day and how quickly they can change their tune on the health of the market.
It just shows how many people suffer from short-termism and instead of investing based on the fundamentals of the company they are actually buying, they trade based on what the sentiment of the wider market is.
Your investment rationale is based on what other analysts think? Ever wondered what might happen if their estimates are a bit lofty?
I think Porsche is a good shout to buy into. People don't buy Porsches for their emissions or mpg, it is an iconic brand that has stood the test of time. People will always remember it as the Volkswagen scandal, not Porsche, Audi etc.
They also have the technology to produce electric/hybrid cars that perform exceptionally.
Bought into IBM earlier this week at $133/s. Certainly like how the company is evolving. Also, if we don't buy when investors don't particularly like the stock we won't be setting ourselves up for a bargain!
As long as you stick to fundamentals you might not be rewarded in the short term, but you should be greatly rewarded in the long run.
IBM has managed to survive for over 100 years, evolving several times. The progress is evident and IBM is slowly shifting. IBM is priced very cheaply on negative sentiment. While you wait you can collect a 3.9% yield from a company that has consecutively grown its dividend for over 16 years.
These institutions don't want you to hold onto your positions for long, they want you to keep trading so that they get brokerage fees.
If so here is a link to what i think you are looking for.
Its on page 19
In terms of cash, this stands at $9.6B