• Brian Bobbitt
    Now over 11 in the post mkt, boy do I love this one. Got PSEC under 10 over a year ago, check my posts. Been crowin' about this one
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    • The_Hammer: capt. crowin' probably a good time to be cautious. lots of people feeling courageous as this market grinds higher.careful with this one.
    • Brian Bobbitt: Still crowin' and more good news. lovin' it. PSEC is still 'live and kickin'.
    • Brian Bobbitt: BTW, BAC still movin' up followed by the TR Stop, Lovin' it,,, lockin' in profits
    • The_Hammer: Owned psec before financial crisis got out before collapse. made nice profit but wary of them.
    • Brian Bobbitt: I understand about 'crowin'', but, it is so seldom I get to do it.... PSEC