• Brian Nichols
    May be smart to sell $NOK near close. It may pullback on Monday giving a chance to buy more shares after profit taking
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    • Grand Nagus Kelly: I couldn't make myself buy any last week but I may take our advice Monday.
    • steppe: how come you expect a pullback on monday?
    • Brian Nichols: Because it fell off towards the end of the day on Friday and appeared to show resistance at $2.65.
    • Brian Nichols: It may trade higher but I am expecting for it to trade lower on Monday as people take profits
    • Grand Nagus Kelly: Talk now of a bigger "correction" soon. Glad I have plenty of cash to take advantage. Keep advice coming You've done me well this year.
    • DanTheMan1984: looks like NOK bucked tthe trend Biran. It did sell off in the morning but had a great finished and closed in the green. A very positive sgn
    • Majorgroove: NOK is down big today again do i load up more or is this a bigger downtrend
    • barcaboyvn: I have been watching NOK for like 2 weeks now, could not pull the trigger, but now it seems to be the time. Do you think so too, Brian?