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Brian Wesbury  

Brian Wesbury is Chief Economist at First Trust Advisors L.P., a financial services firm based in Wheaton, Illinois. The Wall Street Journal ranked Mr. Wesbury the nation’s #1 U.S. economic forecaster in 2001, USA Today ranked him as one of the nation’s top 10 forecasters in 2004 and Speakers Platform named him a Top 5 Keynote Speaker in 2011.

Mr. Wesbury is a member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He is also a frequent guest on Fox, Bloomberg, CNBC TV and BNN Canada TV.

Mr. Wesbury began his career in 1982 at the Harris Bank in Chicago. Former positions include Vice President and Economist for the Chicago Corporation and Senior Vice President and Chief Economist ...More
  • Description: Newsletter author.
  • Interests: Stocks - long
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