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Bruce Pile  

Stock analysis is a serious hobby for me. I compete at Ken Kam's Marketocracy, where they do capital management using the best member mutual fund track records with extensive tabulations of alpha, beta, R-squared, and many other fund management evaluations. I've been running 4 funds there for about 8 years now using various versions of my basic method and a 5th experimental fund where I try new things.

Marketocracy publishes a Forbes newsletter, Marketscope, for which I've written; and provides input to via the buy/sell activity of the M100, the top 100 ranked fund managers on the site. You can check their reports on the M100 at - go to "Markets" and "Equities" and ...More
  • Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Stocks - short
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Good Stock Investing My web site posts write ups on energy, individual stock analysis,
sector rotations, and portfolio management strategies, facts and figures. I am going to post buy and sell points on some stocks, almost all of which will be low profile companies without much of a following (that's the kind I focus on).
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Collectors Universe: An Alternative Silver Strategy $CLCT May 9, 2014