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Bryan Downing
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Thanks JLesinki. If you listen to media outlets, the outcome of Europe's kicking the can is going to resolve nothing in the long run, the overall economy is in question. I don't think any country will be able to run away from it. This includes even in Canada where I am.
Agreed with gcmagone/ Thanks
Maybe wait it out then for the stock to drop, then buy in when it bottoms out? Just thinking as this article was written a few weeks ago.
From my POV, this is still relevant as long as oil is expensive.
Hi Richard
I don't think it has changed but there seems to be more regulation coming on fracking. This will be determined on the next president and how they feel about domestic energy independence.
This can be used using various quant techniques. You might either get probability or some kind of range. Hard to say exact or not.
My system has nothing to do with this call.
I agree but it is possible that DE could do well in emerging markets as CAT did in the Great Recessuib,
He has generally been against US equities, but I have seen some interviews where he suggests indie traders buy into US based agriculture firms. DE is one of the first that comes to mind.