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Long/short equity, deep value, growth, newsletter provider
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the CEO STATED in the conference call they signed a major silicon valley CHIP maker
If you read the filings its not real insider selling, it was completed by the company for all its officers who were awarded stock options, 1-3k shares "sold" to cover tax expense
extremely cheap stock with big news coming
we did 2 weeks ago at $1.37-40 for its annual run
EXACTLY, What does it matter the carrying value. Its the IPO price of Twitter. At $50 per share this author thinks GSVC wont pop?
$639k in EPS, we calculated $561k, NICE!
makes them a great buyout target too for such a low valution
that may be coming but right now there is a frenzy for content and STRZA i believe will be bought out for its content, its subscribers and its big profits
for a BUSINESS they made the right move. The deal with netflix was eating their owns sales. I myself was once a nflx subscriber and starz subscriber, I cancelled starz cause i could get it on nflx. When the deal ended I resubscribed to Starz
excellent point regarding the debt
The market can be inefficient and here it is. It is likely when the stock is over $40 that the street will "find" it!
High debt loads usually worry me BUT STRZA is spitting out $370m in free cash flow a yr, so the debt can be paid off very quickly. In this low int rate world some debt for large co's ike this can be viewed positively. Look at the call for AAPL to borrow etc
Straz is addressing that now with new hires. The same guy who took HBO from nothing to where it is now is now running starz
Starz made a great decision. What would people pay for starz when they could get it free on Netflix
TTWO likely takes over the leadership role from ATVI giving lots of upside, COOL is an interesting low risk play. The fact it survived is a strong testament. Gambling angle too on it
The "experts" are all bashing twitter, VERY good sign. Means they are talking the stock down so they can get shares. Will be a big IPO
If twitter IPO'd at $30 that would add $20m value to GSVC and $8m to SVVC. We have not seen any hyped IPO this year with low shares not double on IPO day so I'm very comfortable with my call here
Very nice research and conclusion there. I can see PLUG trading over $1 very soon
I would be surprised if STARZ lasts another year independent, I see a $60 buyout price coming
TWC a logical candidate
I offer technical analysis classes, sounds like you need them
NICE article, I love indicators that coorelate like this!
there was rumors of NFC being in the new phone, was a play on possiblilty of it
ya co that is in turnaround mode and makes a profit, terrible thing!
small bios like this revs not the key - outlook is what to look at - plan for Brev, new trials in US, possible partners etc. Hopefully we learn why the ceo bought 1.7m shares
$2 per share not a bad price, expected $1.80 or so when saw the news. They got a "good" price although not sure why they need it
Yup terrible timing for the offering (not like there is ever a good time)
Wall Street is DUMB and pushes their own agenda. When QCOM is at 75-80 it will become the next "hot" stock
typical wall street shenanigans
MARKMAN patent infringement lawsuit against T-mobile, same as VRNG and PRKR
I understood what ya meant!