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  • Time To Buy GREK?
    Tue, Jun. 30 GREK, EU 18 Comments
  • Are HFTs Responsible For Low Market Volatility?
    Sat, Jun. 27 VXX, UVXY, TVIX 10 Comments
  • Will The Quants Blow Up The Markets Again?
    Editors' Pick  • Wed, Jun. 24 SPY, DIA, QQQ 57 Comments
  • Return Of The Bond Market Vigilantes?
    Wed, Jun. 17 IEF, PST, IEI 9 Comments
  • What Would Happen After A 'Speech Of Hope'?
    Wed, Jun. 10 GREK 7 Comments
  • What Behavioral Finance Tells Us About The Greek Negotiations
    Wed, Jun. 10 GREK 19 Comments
  • Cautionary Tales For The Gold Standard Crowd
    Sun, Jun. 7 GREK 20 Comments
  • Ode To A Grecian Deal, Or Acropolis Now?
    Thu, Jun. 4 GREK 5 Comments
  • Uh-Oh Canada!
    Wed, Jun. 3 FXC, EWC, QCAN 22 Comments
  • China's Cunning Plan To Revive Growth
    Thu, May 28 FXI, YINN, PGJ 30 Comments
  • The Fed's Magical Mystery Tour
    Wed, May 20 RINF, INFL, UINF 9 Comments
  • What The COT Data Really Tells Us About The Stock Market
    Fri, May 15 SPY, DIA, QQQ 10 Comments
  • Bulls Shouldn't Expect Help From The Fed
    Wed, May 13 RINF, INFL, UINF 3 Comments
  • A Scary Thought About U.S. Employment
    Sun, May 10 50 Comments
  • Hidden Gems In This Market Cycle's Leading Theme
    Fri, May 8 IBB, BIB, BIS 8 Comments
  • The Trouble With Factors
    Wed, May 6 4 Comments
  • How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Missing CapEx
    Tue, Apr. 28 8 Comments
  • Someone Is Going To Be Very Wrong On The American Consumer
    Wed, Apr. 22 XLY, XRT, VCR 14 Comments
  • 2015 Earnings Headwinds In 3 Charts
    Fri, Apr. 17 SPY, QQQ, IVE 5 Comments
  • Earnings Season: It's All About The USD
    Tue, Apr. 14 UUP, UDN, UUPT 7 Comments
  • American (Financial) Exceptionalism
    Sun, Apr. 5 29 Comments
  • Why You Should Discount The Headline NFP Number
    Fri, Apr. 3 3 Comments
  • Why China Won't Devalue And Start A Currency War
    Tue, Mar. 31 FXI, PGJ, YINN 14 Comments
  • Searching For China's (Financial) WMDs
    Fri, Mar. 20 GXC, CYB, CNY 17 Comments
  • Cheap Or Expensive? The One Thing About Equity Valuation That Few Talk About
    Editors' Pick  • Tue, Mar. 17 SPY, DIA, QQQ 57 Comments
  • Why The Fed May Stay 'Patient' A Little Longer
    Tue, Mar. 10 RINF, INFL, UINF 11 Comments
  • Zen And The Art Of Chinese Economic Rebalancing
    Thu, Mar. 5 FXI, PGJ, YINN 19 Comments
  • Buy Europe?
    Wed, Feb. 25 SPY, FEZ, FXI 9 Comments
  • Will Janet Yellen Reflect The Views Of 'Many Participants'?
    Tue, Feb. 24 3 Comments
  • Is It Time To Buy Greece?
    Fri, Feb. 20 GREK, FEZ 8 Comments
  • The Key Tail Risk That The FOMC Missed (And You Should Pay Attention To)
    Thu, Feb. 19 EEM, VWO, UUP 14 Comments
  • 3 Reasons Why Oil Prices Haven't Bottomed
    Thu, Feb. 12 OIL 10 Comments