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Great idea. I know you are short term focus, but I think this presents a long term opportunity as well. Especially, since we just came off the all time lows around 75 and the YEN has been basing for about 2 years or so. I have been following and writing about the Yen for years and still think this trade has a lot more room to room, especially with Sunday's upcoming election.
Here is an article on the Yen, when the BOJ intervened previously. Let me know what you think.
I am actually sorry to see my prediction come true...
Thanks for reading and for the compliment Mariano!
I don't know about KORS, it is looking a bit parabolic, these days. But it is a solid company.
Congrats your new line up. These new IPOs are kicking up some great returns. However, I wouldn't call them highfliers, for the simple fact that most of them have a market cap below $1B. They all seem to be centered in or around the Tech Sector, so usually only someone in the KNOW, will know about these.
I take my hat off to you, because, if you are going to buy IPOs this is how you do it!!
Thanks Melody 423.. Yeah Michael Kors is a beast.
I don't see what is so special about thier business model to warrant an IPO..
I don't get it either concordohio.. I agree..
Great Article! The Reset in VXX is a recipe for wipe-saw!
hairybaboon20 I am not sure what a multi-sigma blowout is but I am fine with PFF. Many are looking at the average of the Rating and Moody's and Fitch still maintain AAA, so the US is still viewed as being very strong. Also, I think financials are oversold and are likely to appreciate powerfully to the upside when things settle.
Excellent article! The financial exposure is extremely high. However, the question is can the institutions continue dividend payments? I would say yes!
This ETF dividend yield's are north of 7%, with little price fluctuations. You get paid to hold the paper! This is a No Brainer to me!
I will look out for your future works!
Disclosure: Long PFF
Great Article! The other issue with correlations are they go back so far. If you review correlations after 2008 everything has a much higher correlation. Some of the other factors I often hear that are ignored is the fact that ETFs are in fact, equities. They trade on an exchange and are subject to auction style prices.
SPDR hold more gold then many small nations, so I am not sure how they do not see how they have some impact on the price of gold!
Great Point! Politicans definitely making bad decision that impact the markets and US citizens!!
Not so dumb blond you are right, many of the citizens do not understand what is going on.
Chancer I was kicking myself for not including the EU situation. You are right EU, being a further catalyst for Gold. However, not so sure about, since it is so strongly tied to economic growth and expansion.
Nice Play Winston. I was long silver earlier in the year, its a bit to volatile now, for me.
I am still curious to know why anyone would purchase this stock.
I read an article on Bloomberg where are GM's CEO stated that Q4 earnings will be significantly lower. Who is rushing out to buys a car anyway? US unemployment is a 9.6%, and China is looking to slow down their own economy. Granted many people Chinese pay cash for major purchases, I would still assume if China raise's interest rates that couldn't be a plus for car buyers.
To me if the CEO is signaling lower earning and the Global economy is still shaky, why would a car manufactor be on anybody's hot stock list?
Sounds like a legalized Dump and Pump scheme to me!!!
@ Aussie Paul nice Trade! Will probably get more action then USDJPY.
@Asbytec You would think the euro would be bad nice with all the debt issues. I do believe there is a bit of orchastration going on, even though no one will admit it. The IMF Executive board reassess it weightes every five years no matter what is going on.
@Tadpole76 I dont think they are considering the Aussie because it is has not commanded as much flow as the major currencies and the Yuan and Real are non deliverables, so they wouldn't make the cut either. Since the weights are heavily dependent on export flows, one could make the arguement that China's is a bit more dependent on the EU vs the US as a major trading partner. This is clearly a strike against the dollar, but it is clear that the US needs higher levels of exports to help with the economy grow...
Thanks for the all the comments.. Please continue to share your thoughts..
Great article. Good to see more diversity on the site. There are clearly many challenges in the region, that will take some time to work out. But when you look at the enormous opportunity that is presented, it can not be ignored...
Great Article. It seems that Greece is being blown out of proportion, especially since their total debt is, in the neighborhood of 3% of EuroZone GDP.