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Also... Scrolling long web pages like this one...brutal
I have to say, iOS 6 is exceedingly buggy, it's driving me insane.
- Airplay mirroring performance is tripe
- Double Album representation is utterly sloppy in the music app
- Music Store downloads are buggy
- I don't care about the maps too much but there is no longer a dedicated youtube iPad app at all (not a bug but still dumb)
Milkweed, AMAZING title! Now I'll continue reading... :)
To use a Google service like local reviews (to write one) you have to convert your Google profile into a Google+ profile. Then you are counted a user. Social engineering at it's bestest.
Nope, I love when NFLX jumps, go look at my talks today, seriously! Every jump is Christmas until they fix the business, if they do...
Gotta love a model of selling someone else's lemonade on someone else's lawn
This is really really well said Paulo.
Good move.
Haha, that's what I wanted to say...but then I said what I said up there ^^^
Really?? I think if you make that argument you need to go ahead and make the same for RIMM...
Netflix is hamstrung by it's own silly decisions and the lack of expected growth, they bet the farm on higher sub growth it seems. Oops. They don't have the cash and when they do they spend it on international growth...why not spend it on domestic growth??? A new model??
Because I'm most often short, I try all day long to come up with ways that Netflix could succeed, there are very few with the current obligations strapped to it's back and they must be about the money, not the story, it's too late for that, it's show me the money time.
Netflix has some sense in targeting TV series for content, the recent ABC buys are good, but probably too expensive. That model is not necessarily completely dead if they can pay what is coming due with current revs, it's just small, and it does not grow money somewhere down the line cause while Wells and Reed may say the costs are fixed the 10K/Q says the complete opposite about streaming content.
So it is shockingly vulnerable to what Josh lays out here, real competition. Real competition comes from players that have more to gain than a video sub. Like Apple & Amazon, Google and Microsoft, et al. The ones who have more to sell than a sub, more hope than future razor thin opportunities a video subscriber may present, more like an eco-system. It will be interesting to see what the heck Redbox Instant plans to do to sidestep the madness that this model is.
You are saying Netflix wants to somehow further monetize the current subs. Of course! How would you do that? Raise sub costs? Split DVD out? Many of us "Bashers" have laid out "in the box" hopes for Netflix at least: Ad, Premium Tiers, PPV, an interesting one could be a music service, all of it is high risk at this juncture. Out of the box ideas have also come along, like the work that Netflix is doing in CDN tech is somewhat interesting, but that wont make for a compelling investment...
With the advent of RDF, Microformats, SPARQL, etc, thinking and learning machines can and will replace the current iteration of Search with what IBM is talking and demonstrating. An important aspect of this will be the patent arms race in machine learning vs and using open data and open understanding for machine leaning.
Oh I'm with you, just wanted to point out that a large chunk of one of their largest deals ever is simply a renewal
From the call :
" had an outstanding quarter in large transactions. We profiled some of those, including Allergan and Virgin and Nestlé and others. And we also closed a very large transaction, in fact, one of our very largest transactions ever, with a large networking technology company, which consisted of both a very important renewal plus an extremely large additional ACV or what we call first-year contract component, and so it was really a great quarter for large transactions." - Marc Benioff in response to a question about large deals from Adam Holt
All it will take is 1 (ONE) forced liquidation and the house of cards falls.
this is competition...
Funny Frank we have the same Price targets :) Thanks for the comment.
Sorry to reply so late! I was actually talking content, more repeating pundit speculation, I don't know if AAPL would ever ever want to play the content licensing game but there has been a bunch of talk about it, and if they did I figure it would be a different model like fully a la carte but they would really have to pay thru the nose...or buy a viacom & disney to make that happen...unlikely, but they're up to something so we'll see soon enough...notice the 1 month of live streamed concerts starting Sept 1? Interesting stuff afoot with Apple and content - maybe they're gonna go after purely live stuff first. I don't have a bead on it tho...
Oops! look, we're hip, we're with it....tikka tikka
Yes. But between now and a spike, any hoped for gains would likely be destroyed by contango and leveraged price swings. UVXY is a day to day jobby.
T-Minus 7 days
Glory to God!! LOL
Fascinated to see YNGFF in there. I would love to see your full analysis on it but I know you can't do anything on SA unless it was an article on many juniors...
Please, please beat this stock up, I want it for less. Thanks. (I think the GOOG trial is hit or miss but I like where VRNG is headed)
Funny, i was thinking about what I wrote up there about premium tiers and PPV I started to think along the same lines as what you wrote there ^^ I didn't consider sports and news but the rest. Completely agree, why would the studios and cable co's sign their own warrants.
Re a la carte and bundling, it's interesting that this appears (or is rumored) to be what apple is trying to solve in this space...they are the only co with the cash to make it happen...gonna get interesting.
Revenue growth. Very, very important for Netflix.
I think quickster really failed on a technical note, single sign-on & billing...It blows my mind that they had huge money contests to discover recommendation algorithms to help the UX (user experience) and such but failed on such simple things...tho I think they wanted to sell it off for a chunk of change to raise money so I see why they might have decided to make it a clean cut.
I think all this recent big talk about spending loads to get good content was a precursor to a secondary or a big change. If the big change was a premium tier I would be very happy for Netflix, it would show that they care about their future. I'm still flabbergasted, shocked, amazed, etc that they wont do something sustainable so far....which makes me question their motives.
The sell side is just that, people will clue in soon enough and the game will be over. It may be some class warfare BS that makes it happen, it may just be that the truth can't be hidden forever.
I went and read about it today...MPAA the thug
They wait until it's fair or over value then begin to sell :)
Common, it's opinion and analysis on a large cap, if it can move the stock that's the kind of move you might want to jump on! or off :)