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Carlos X. Alexandre

Carlos X. Alexandre is a self-appointed Financial Instrument Shuffling Tactician (FIST), which is far more impressive than being a mere stock trader. His portrait, an exquisite and priceless digital oil painting titled "Vanity in Quiet Ocean III" and produced in 36 seconds flat, is available to the highest bidder. An investment industry outsider and politically independent, he developed proprietary trading algorithms to analyze trends in capital flows, the mood meter and voice of otherwise silent investors, and founded cxalgo, llc (formerly cxamarkets) in 2010. The firm's trading advisory services were introduced in January of 2011.
  • Description: Other C-Level Executive.
  • Interests: Futures, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
cxalgo, llc cxalgo, llc (formerly cxamarkets) is a trading advisory firm that provides trading strategies for growth and income. The firm understands market dynamics, the current investment environment, and shorter risk cycles. Trading for Growth & Income. Differently! No Hedging. No Scaling. No Limits. No Stops. No ...More
cxalgo BroadView Striving for Simplicity and Clarity
The Strategic Truth about Investing The "Strategic Truth about Investing: How to Invest Profitably Using a Simple 50/50 Basis, plus a Non-Nonsense, Unorthodox Briefing on Current Global Economics" is relevant, timeless, and breaks away from the pack, bringing clarity to the investment industry, its practices, and professional reliability, and ...More
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