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Big deal, only Timo here is of any interest as CFO and he sold 10%. That means he's retaining 90%. The other 2 are nobodies. Insider selling is normal, what's important is who is selling and what %.
The only real annoying issue I have with my L1020 is the Bluetooth performance in my car. Music will stop after one or several songs, need to skip song then it continues. Also incoming hands-free call, caller sounds like robotic, quasi incomprehensible. Have sent feedback to Nokia, apparently a known issue. The Bluetooth I had with my L800 worked fine.
This is like one long episode of the Simpsons. The prosecution lawyer is Mr. Burns, the Judge is Homer and BP's lawyer is the clown. It's time the US shows that it can deliver justice, not just revenge. This one's not funny.
Haiku, Your statement is extravagant to an incomprehensible degree. Maybe it will eventually get to 10% of $50 if the next Qs don't have unpleasant surprises.
Well if it makes no sense to you... 3 years SAN has been in the basement. Fickle? One man's junk is another one's treasure. If it was so well diversified it would not have gone down so low and would have bounced back a lot earlier.
In the case of BBY.... Let me summarize: long before the Z10 came out after multiple delays there was plenty of hype and celebrity endorsements and some were drooling at the prospect that Blackberry had recaptured its magic..until after 2 Qs the market looked at the numbers and realized it was a dud. Then panic at the top, more duds with Q10 and another super expensive feature phone no one wanted. Mr TH and co put the company for sale and no one wanted it. There you have it.
But, thank goodness, BBY & SAN are in no way comparable. I'm not saying SAN is a bad stock to own (it's been bad for me though), but you will have to be patient for another few years at least. Much can happen in that time and meanwhile there are better, more profitable banks to invest in. BTW any dividend higher than 5% is a red flag. Look it up...
622: It's not just me saying it is risky. The Market has decided its risk level and that is why you have a low share price and a high dividend yield. SAN is not a best kept secret with SA users who are the only ones to know its true value. Sure it is diversified but it is still a Spanish bank. And Spain well... the economy is not healthy. Economic policy, like a lot of things, is largely tied to cultural values. If you think the gov't should fund your retirement from age 40, well that's a problem. I exaggerate but let's just say German and Spanish economies are different for several reasons, but the big one is cultural.
North of 6 in next 3 months? Don't invest while smoking crack, there's good advice. FTR line losses are an unstoppable avalanche, so what do they do? Stop making this metric public of course. Just sweep under the carpet. Doubling down to reduce your avg cost is very risky in the best of cases. With FTR it is suicidal, if you look at its past record.
I am long SAN and have regretted it now for a couple of years. With 10 billion shares outstanding and lots more being created out of thin air every 90 days, it will take mucho earnings to move the needle. It could take years before Spain recovers enough to wash the stench off this bank. If you like the banking sector stick to banks in Canada, where you will get a reliable yield of 4-5% in cash, and will not have to fear losing your initial investment, at least with risk nowhere comparable to SAN.
Dave, you are the first SA member that is a Frontier customer at the same time that I recall reading a positive comment ever.
Author, do you have a short memory? FTR has lost over 50% of its value over the last several years. You make it sound as if it's all peaches and cream. This company has been a disaster, my worst performer, and the team presiding over the disaster is still in place. However I don't think her bank account has suffered too much in the process, while she lied to investors about the safety of the dividend. My advice to potential FTR investors is to run the other way. I'm still young and have time to wait out Lyer Lyerson, then maybe there is a chance a competent team can turn Frontier around.
Keep writing your articles, because even if I cannot show causation, my BP shares are up 10% since you began! :-)
GM did go bankrupt. I know I had shares.
Speaking of propaganda User 088, Canada's govt is pro business. They want to progressively open up the telecom field to more competition, and that's good for all concerned. However the Bells, Rogers and Telus have little to worry in the vast, sparsely populated country.
The trial BP vs the US gov't is not over, the sentence has not been proclaimed. It will cost billions. There is still risk but I believe BP can manage.
Bob, thank you for the well written and informative article.
If there was a disaster at one of its nuclear plants, or a terrorist attack at several of its nukes, would SO investors be on the hook, wiped out and then SOL?
Rizzie, nice to see a local company featured on SA as I live in Eastern Canada. You may be right that a takeover is in the cards. The Atlantic provinces' population amounts to less than 2 million people in fairly large and rural territory. Also they make up the poorest provinces, except nouveau riche oil producing Newfoundland. Add that to the declining landline customers, and I'm not sure Bell Aliant is that attractive of a takeover prospect. A high dividend is also a red flag. I've got enough of FTR headaches without taking a chance here. But just to be extra safe I think I will also stay away from BCE.
D'oh! That's selling $10B of assets to return money to shareholders, i.e. share buybacks.
Paulio, you beat me to getting the good news out! As an investor in BP, today I feel Special, not like a Specialist though. I wonder how he/she is feeling today realizing that all his past articles are incorrect as it relates to how the market sees BPs future. Or does he still believe he is right and the market is wrong?
dedugan, please provide a link to the article. Thank you.
Really?That's news to me. Have a link? They never taken a cent from my account and besides your bank would have to make that completely transparent. Who is "the bank"?
Can you please define what a Specialist is in this specific case? I'm sure others would like to know.
I have an uneasy feeling that recent increases are simple big boy manipulations playing buy the rumor, sell the news. If earnings pass and the stock maintains or increases in the following 10,trading days, then I would be more inclined to believe there is something genuine behind the increases. To be more careful, 10 trading days after the vote at the special AGM on November 19 would be wise IMO.
I'm sure the tablet will become a productive tool to all that purchase it. if I had $500 to burn I would get one. My $230 7in Nexus tablet will suffice for now.
With time I hope I am proven wrong, since I am long SAN since 3 years, but this stock will need to grow its earnings astronomically for years before SP shows real appreciation. Right now they are just rising with the tide of an appreciating Euro versus US dollar and a less-bad economy in Europe. At over 10 billion shares, and a very high PE of 17, patience will be required. If you want to see what healthy banks look like, look at Canadian banks, e.g. Royal Bank of Canada TSE:RY that has the same market cap as SAN and activities in several parts of the world, better known elsewhere as RBC. A PE of 12.89 and 1.44 billion shares. I would be in favour of a reverse split of 5:1 for SAN which would still give it over 2 billion shares but an ADR price of $36. That would be a start. Increasing share price would drastically cut down on the amount of share given out as scrip dividends.
"it goes down even easier than it goes up."
In your opinion Kellie, why is this? Is this based on your view of past performance?
Does this necessarily mean that products shorting VIX will go up more easily than they go down?
dw: he is a she. Lee is quite pretty too if her Yahoo profile picture is real. Shows how much you know. ;-)
It must sting to have to admit you were, are and going to be wrong about BP:
" BP wins partial reprieve from oil-spill payments
A court of appeals in New Orleans has ordered District Judge Carl Barbier to temporarily halt some payments on BP (BP) oil-spill claims while Barbier reassesses how to calculate losses that Gulf-coast businesses say they suffered from the 2010 disaster.
The ruling represents a partial victory for BP, which has said that the claims administrator has been too loose in his interpretation of the terms of a settlement that the company signed to compensate victims of the spill. The upshot, BP has said, is that it has had to pay parties that were not harmed.
See here for the latest from the second phase of the oil spill trial."
About time the feeding frenzy stops.
techno, read between the lines, ie if NOK spends money from here on out to benefit MSFT I'm sure they will be compensated. If you sold your house, would you then continue to spend on renovations just because "you had previously planned it" before the sale?
seppo: Even if the stars line up I don`t think any small profit will move the needle for NOK. However it may help MSFT.
techno: I don`t think NOK will be spending $ on launches, ramp ups, etc only to let MSFT benefit. What do you think they are, the Salvation Army? No, MSFT will be footing the bill, otherwise some heads will roll, and lawsuits, etc.
"I see it coming. I'm a specialist.". Wow, this tells me a lot as a reader.
Some larger oil companies than BP have a larger div yield and smaller institutional investment percentage. This tells me the market is relatively comfortable with BP. In any event no punishments will be decided by Judge Barbier before 2014 until the 3rd part of the trial is over, unless we get fast settlements, which would be a complete turn of events. In that case, BP will not settle for devastating punishment.
In any event, phone sales no longer matter for Nokia. Shouldn't our only concern now be NSN?
I am currently out of NOK completely but will buy on dips to trade until I get a better understanding of the potential of this company.
Now I that I have made a profit, all this volatility makes me nervous. No more tolerance for being 50% in the red for 3 years.