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  • Sharpen Your Pencils: Why Low Rates Challenge Traditional Security Analysis Methods
    Thu, Apr. 9 AGG, SPY Comment!
  • Thinking And Worrying Are Not The Same Thing!
    Mon, Feb. 23 SPY, XLV, XLU 2 Comments
  • Felling A Little Blue After January Is Normal
    Mon, Feb. 2 EDV, XLY, SPY 2 Comments
  • How To Profit Now That The Swiss National Bank Has Changed The Rules
    Wed, Jan. 21 TLT, GLD, EZU 1 Comment
  • Risk-Neutral Vs. The Real World: Wall Street Traders Really Are From A Different Planet
    Wed, Jan. 14 XOP, DBC 7 Comments
  • Back To Black: Patience Is Worth More Than Brains!
    Nov. 5, 2014 AGG, SPY 1 Comment
  • What Is To Be Done? Quite A Lot Actually!
    Oct. 17, 2014 SPY 3 Comments
  • Ferdinand The Bull - Financials And Bank Stocks
    Sep. 26, 2014 XLF, FAS, FAZ 5 Comments
  • Cash Only: Why Hoarding Cash Has Been A Savvy Move
    Sep. 15, 2014 MINT, NEAR, RAVI 3 Comments
  • The Price Is Right: The S&P 500 Index Deconstructed
    Aug. 26, 2014 SPY 5 Comments
  • Asset Shortage Pumps Ups Valuations
    Aug. 20, 2014 FLAT, HYG, TIP 2 Comments
  • Anything Built By The Fed Can Also Be Destroyed
    Jul. 31, 2014 AGG, EDV, SPY 6 Comments