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Long only, growth, momentum, contrarian
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PR today on BWEN order from Siemens:
Thanks and much appreciated. Could you post a link?
Thanks, CF
Great to see the commentary! There are many possibilities in the sector, and I may try to follow this up with a few more. I love the possibilities in these three and perhaps revisit ACTC as a possibility.
Amazing... Today's close of $5.26 represents a 62% return on the investment from the day this published of $3.25... I wish I would have held longer!!!!!!!!
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results from Phase 2 Clinical Study of Auriclosene to Reduce Urinary Catheter Blockage and Encrustation
Thanks for that Thomas. I am very familiar with $heff both there and on Twitter. Good luck to us!
July 11, 2013
Rockwell Medical Announces SFP Meets Primary and Key Secondary Endpoints in Phase 3 CRUISE-1 Efficacy Study as a Treatment for Iron Replacment in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on Dialysis
WIXOM, MI -- (Marketwired) -- 07/11/13 -- Rockwell Medical (NASDAQ: RMTI)
In dialysis patients not receiving IV iron, SFP effectively delivers iron via dialysate and maintains hemoglobin without increasing stored iron (ferritin); strong safety data demonstrates no anaphylactic or hypersensitivity events and no increase in hypotension or infection
Looking like great data!
Thanks for the information Marx. I had the market capitalization changed to $6.21 million. Even the NASDAQ site still has it listed incorrectly. Perhaps everybody will get corrected with the next quarterly filing? Thanks again and the best of luck to you for the week ahead.
Lots of interesting comments -- some relevant and some not so much.. :) The point: here we have additional information to help investors make their own investment decisions. Now it's time to let the data speak.
If they PR an actual tentative date to release the data it'll likely pick up dramatically in my opinion... For now, I think it's safe to assume a "surprise data release"... Whatcha' think??
Thanks for the clarification Curtis. As for the second "omisssion". The article is over 2,700 words long. I could go on and on with additional excitement pieces of information about Invovo and its management, but nobody wants to read through a 4,000 word article on a single company. :)
Thanks again and best of luck this week all.
The comparison for the electroporation versus the AD vector was presented as above because it was the only head-to-head trial of the two techniques I could find ANYWHERE. I also used this comparison as an article on NCBI notes "The most potent recombinant vector system for induction of cellular immune responses in macaques and humans is adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5)". Only Inovio and OncoSec have utilized electroporation with this level of success, and I believe both are worth a closer look by investors. Logic says Inovio's electroporation data versus "the most potent recombinant vector for induction of cellular immune responses" is a fair comparison, although it certainly does not indicate success or failure of either platform. I agree, this is not a perfect comparison. It only gives us, as investors, an additional piece of information that we can use at our discretion, along with all other available information, to make wise investment decisions -- especially between the two options presented. Am I an expert? No, I am not. I use my research and careful wording to give investors a bit more information than may at first appear to be available to them. I am a chemist via education and training which helps to give me research skills to dig a little deeper, just an any investor should. I wish BOTH companies a great deal of success in their platforms and hope both are successful.
Thanks for the feedback guys and best of luck to all of us as investors and to the healthcare sector and patients needing better cancer treatments than the traditional chemotherapy, radiotherapy or resection options now out there. The immunotherapy approach for treating cancer is likely the next evolutionary step in the fight against cancer. I am excited about the prospects presented by these small-capitalization biotechs and large pharmaceuticals.
Hi Trick. I have been watching the Put action on ZIOP for quite some time and don't yet think the risk/reward is there for it yet -- or at least not for the interim. If it appeared to be a more favorable entry within 72 hours of my article release, I wanted the option to buy into it. As of now (markets close on 06/12/13), I still have no short or Puts for ZIOP.
I look forward to seeing both companies expanding their pipelines with other agents. Does ZIOP have any pre-clinical work in the area yet? I don't see anything for ONCS with other agents at this time other than their NeoPulse using electroporation to administer bleomycin...
Thanks for the update Curtis! Much happening with NVIV in the months ahead it seems!
Best of luck,
Not really. Although after watching the O.J. Simpson debacle, I can certainly understand it happening for Enzo as well... Any opinion on the company's chances? So far, so good with good patent protection thus far..
Nice sir! I wish ADMD would have worked out better for you! Moving forward, I think ACRX still has some upside left in it, although the risk/reward isn't as big as it was. APRI is beasting after unfounded rumors of takeover just because they removed a "poison pill" from its shareholder rights agreement. I am a bit concerned with the delay in the Canadian launch and give the EU approval a 50/50 chance. ADMD is stuck right around where it is until it provides some meaningful news/revenue, although I don't think there is much downside from here and is worth a hold IMO. Good luck moving ahead and remember that there is nothing wrong with securing gains from a big winner, while you can afford to wait for the laggards to move up and increase your overall profits... :) Best of luck sir and congrats on a good run so far!
Q2, 2013 Conference Call
"Paul Nouri - Noble Equity Funds
Have you gotten court dates with any of the other cases yet?
Barry W. Weiner - Co Founder, President, Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Treasurer and Director
Yes, we have. We are looking to court dates in early November for the New York cases."
"Paul Nouri - Noble Equity Funds
Looking at the Life Technologies court decision, I guess the timing of it becoming finalized is the next 6 to 9 months at this point?"
I think that's it? May have to dig a little for the other (I wrote this a couple of weeks ago). Thanks.
Hi Curtis, and I appreciate you stopping by. I'm actually much better versed with the technologies and technical analysis and need to study up on the warrants, especially as pertaining to the warrants call PR. I'm betting on some fairly impressive data from the first 1-3 patients early in the trial which could give the company a little leverage when looking for financing. I'll post if I can find anything particularly useful... Take care sir!
Agreed. Especially if an independent data monitoring committee is utilized to review data. With Inovio's phase 2 trials I believe it is up to the company's discretion until final data is compiled?
Actually, I'm not certain. I'm certain there are some SEC rules about matters of "material importance", particularly if the data were bad? Just conjecture... Anybody else?
Thanks sir! Best of luck to you in 2013!
Thanks for pointing out the short term investments of $24 million troublesacomin. Actually, I think I will revise the article to incorporate that...
Thanks and best of luck this week!
Agreed JSF. As I commented above, I feel there are many watching from the sidelines that aren't quite convinced yet. I will add half a position on any weakness, and then the remainder once/if data prove to be promising. Thanks and good luck to you.
Agreed on all points and I appreciate the compliments. I would love to visit Inovio or one of the clinical sites to watch the treatment in person. I believe that could be very revealing.... Please don't be a stranger!
Thanks Joe. I believe there are a great many people with INO on their watch lists due to its large targeted market group, but they're awaiting more solid proof of efficacy before jumping in... Actually, I don't yet have a position either, but will likely open one this week as I'm a bargain shopper and usually don't buy on a gap up kind of day like today... Good luck ahead Joe!
Thanks Ted! Long time no hear sir, hoping April is treating you well and that May is even better...
I see nothing out there negative. The stock ran nicely yesterday, so it appears to be on the rebound... Watching carefully..
My recollection is that Biodel abandoned the sublingual glucagon, but is still developing the heat stable (room temperature) solution version. I guess the "stable" sublingual formulation is the one that the Q1 2014 NDA was referencing? Anyway, updates on the heat stable solution should be forthcoming as noted above "We will provide you with updates on our progress and projected development timelines in subsequent calls" in the February 12th CC.
Thanks for the clarification and please have a nice weekend ahead.
OCLS upgraded to a "buy" today at Zacks:
Thanks. Stock price seems to be responding accordingly...
Good luck this week,
Not really. It depends on how many patients overall they will need to enroll. I'll dig around some... Thanks for the kind words...
" With initial enrollment of 163 patients targeted, the company will then perform a sample size re-estimation to determine what number of patients ultimately enrolled would be necessary to have statistically significant results at the trial's conclusion, with a range of 326-652 patients expected. Updates on this final enrollment size will indicate how much longer the trial may take and give an indication about how much more money PLC would require for trial completion."