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  • Transocean's Value Proposition: Leading Driller Stays Afloat By Going Deepwater [View article]
    Definition of sore loser: Someone who loses in a fair competition but whines about it on a constant basis, blaming everyone around them for their loss.

    Fair game. The guy (author) posts article Dec 27th. RIG Open: $39.94. Posts comment Jan 27th pre-market. RIG Open: $49:15. Buy the rumor, sell the news. Showing a wee-bit more courtesy for a good call and selling for a 23% gain in 1 month is never a bad thing. JMO
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  • Will Microsoft And Nokia Truly Deliver In 2012? [View article]
    You guys are on to something with this Lumia 900 and CES 2012. Just had a quick peek on CNET's site and found this.

    Also at CES, Nokia introduced its first U.S.-specific Windows Phone: the Lumia 900. Highlights for this device include support for AT&T's 4G LTE network and Carl Zeiss optics in the camera with an F2.2 aperture lens with a 28mm focal length, a front-facing camera as well, a dual LED flash, 16 GB of internal memory, and a polycarbonate case available in black or blue. The device is also on the bigger side, although not as big as the HTC Titan. The Lumia 900 is 4.3-inch. (By comparison, the Apple iPhone's screen size is 3.5 inches.)

    Both smartphones offer great specs, but I think the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best choice right now for a new Windows Phone in the U.S. market. I'm not the only CNET person impressed with the Lumia 900, CNET's mobile reviews team also awarded the device Best In Show for the smartphone category at CES this year.

    While the Titan II is certainly a fine device, I think that the Lumia 900 phone just feels better in my hand. It's big, but the Titan II seems a little too big. What's more Nokia has a good track record of building quality devices. In particular, cameras on Nokia devices have always been market leaders. And the camera on this device is no exception. While it may not have as many megapixels as the Titan II, Nokia has done more with the camera to improve the focal length and the quality of the pictures. When I spoke with Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop earlier this week he told me that Nokia is committed to offering superior camera technology in its high-end devices.
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  • Who Benefits From The Resurgent Deep Gulf Drilling? [View article]
    Those old, old, old rigs have value and generate revenue. You would almost assume reading your comments that these rig's don't have regular maintenance and upgrades. There's demand to buy them, which you should know from reading company filings. Some were recently sold at attractive prices. Yes, fleet size does matter.
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  • Who Benefits From The Resurgent Deep Gulf Drilling? [View article]
    Yes, our analysts did. Did you actually read them, cause you'd know why utilization was down and what's being done about it. Did you even bother to compare FCF and debt to equity the second time around?

    And it's not a question of "keeping" on investing, it's a question of buying after RIG's December issuance, and after the courts upheld the indemnity clause vs. BP.

    By all means, keep on pumping SDRL even though market cap is now larger then RIG's, with 1/3 RIG's fleet size and 3/1 RIG's debt to equity ratio (1.46 vs 0.53). No problem for me, as long as you don't give your readers information on competitors, like DO and RIG, contrary to their actual balance sheets.

    DO and SDRL are similar size, but with debt to equity of 0.35 vs. 1.46 and last quarter FCF of $291 million vs. $ -68 million. Who has better management again? Easy to be aggressive if you simply use leverage.
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  • Venezuela's state oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, must pay ~$750M to Exxon Mobil (XOM) for assets nationalized in 2007. The sum is just a tenth of what Exxon had been seeking.  [View news story]
    It was actually $908 million, but there was a counterclaim for the difference. XOM should use the money here in the U.S. towards acquisitions to expand shale gas holdings.
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  • Who Benefits From The Resurgent Deep Gulf Drilling? [View article]
    Dude, oh dear. Where to start! please, please do you research, evidently you have no clue what you're discussing.

    "Transocean (, once the industry leader, faces a tough battle with old rigs, high debt, lack of newbuilds, and questionable management [See Transocean: When Dividends Fail]. Diamond Offshore ( faces a similar fate with even older rigs and limited newbuilds."

    Once the industry leader? Old Rigs? High Debt? Lack of newbuilds? No, No, No, No.
    Management? It's been a difficult year, but certainly debatable. You can hardly blame them for either the rig explosion or vendor issues, can you. RIG is still the largest, and most experienced, by at least a factor of 2.

    And the same for DO. Older rigs, Yes. Any issue arising from that, No. Limited newbuilds, No. One of the best balance sheets in the bizz and just take 30 seconds to check their FCF compared to their size. Outstanding.

    Just read this article and my comment. First educate yourself before making unfounded statements again. FCF, debt to equity, P/B, P/S.
    Start by comparing debt to relevant EV = Enterprise value! You use market cap to make a statement of high debt? Market cap = irrelevant. Please read a balance sheet. Please.
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  • 3 Energy Service Stocks That Should Prosper In 2012 [View article]
    Good selection Bret
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  • India will allow foreign investors to directly buy local stocks, effective Jan. 15, as the country tries to boost capital inflows and reduce market volatility.  [View news story]
    I'd even buy an Cleveland Indians Cap before I'd buy an Indian Large-cap. Let alone a mid-cap or small-cap. I'd stick with US for 2012!
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  • Could Transocean Drop Further? [View article]
    SDRL may have a young fleet, but it's number 4 or 5 in line. It's selling at a huge premium to the others because of the big dividend, which would be great if it didn't have a debt to equity of 1.46, when the other four are at 0.5 or below.

    DO and RIG are the only two with positive FCF. DO is performing especially good given its fleet size is 1/3 RIG's. SDRL had a good run, but p?B is now 2.29, compared to 1.8 for DO and 0.59 for RIG. It's your money.
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  • Transocean's Value Proposition: Leading Driller Stays Afloat By Going Deepwater [View article]
    Long Diamond Offshore (DO) and RIG, DO should at least be included. I'll leave out the 3 'under construction' as the author is taking current fleet count for all. DO has 32 semisubmersibles + 1 drillship + 13 jack-ups = 46. Similar size as SDRL, but better ratio's.

    Free Cash Flow DO, RIG, ESV, NE, SDRL: $291 million, $443 million, $-4.9 million, $-327 million, $-68 million

    Debt to Equity DO, RIG, ESV, NE, SDRL: 0.35, 0.53, 0.48, 0.48, 1.46

    Price / Sales DO, RIG, ESV, NE, SDRL: 2.25, 1.37, 4.81, 3.05, 3.60

    Price / Book DO, RIG, ESV, NE, SDRL: 1.80, 0.59, 1.01, 0.99, 2.29
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  • Buy Clearwire: Too Cheap To Ignore, Risks Overblown [View article]
    Just buy T & VZ instead of CLWR & S. Those were better investments 3 years ago and will still be 3 years from now.
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  • Vodafone: Great Defensive Stock With A Big Dividend Yield - Part I [View article]
    No way. VOD won't sell their 45% of VZW, the US market is too important. There's nothing easy about VZ getting that kind of money. Even if VOD would think about selling their stake, VZ would have to do a large equity offering to get 100% of VZW. The only way to maintain VZ's current credit rating.
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  • Vodafone: Great Defensive Stock With A Big Dividend Yield - Part I [View article]
    VZ can't buy out VOD anymore, or vice versa. VZW is worth $70 - $80 billion maybe. An eventual merger is more likely!
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  • Is Yield On Cost Really Important To Dividend Investors? [View article]
    Interesting approach! Nice one pgus.
    I'm looking for stability of capital next to stability in dividends. I find that wanting a minimum 3.5%-4.5% YOC depending on the 5-year PEG provides more peace of mind.

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  • Does Facebook deserve the $100B IPO valuation it's reportedly shooting for? Bulls will point to soaring revenue, improving ad monetization, and an eye-popping share of consumer Internet usage. But Douglas McIntyre isn't convinced, noting that at $100B, Facebook will be worth more than Cisco (CSCO), which has over $6B in annual profits, and over $30B in net cash and investments.  [View news story]
    Only if you're in an equally ' hyped' up state! It was an estimated $50bn in january on $2bn in sales.
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