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  • Trading Range Or Stock Correction Remain Most Plausible Scenarios
    on Yesterday, 12:00 PM IWM, JNJ, KO 7 Comments
  • Stock Bounce Does Little To Alleviate Concerns
    on Mon, Apr. 14 SPY, TLT, XLY 14 Comments
  • The End Of The Correction-Less Fantasy Land
    on Fri, Apr. 11 FXA, JPM, TLT 19 Comments
  • The Case For Slower Growth, Low Rates And Income Investments
    on Thu, Apr. 10 AGG, DIS, DVY 2 Comments
  • Fed Jawboning, Minutes Give Stocks A Lift
    on Wed, Apr. 9 SPY, DIA, TLT 7 Comments
  • Stocks: 4 Reasons To Have Defensive Contingency Plans
    on Tue, Apr. 8 AGG, EEM, KO 6 Comments
  • Dow Theory Signal Questions Bullish Economic And Market Trends
    on Fri, Apr. 4 DIA, IYT, RSP 10 Comments
  • Emerging Markets: Is The Recent Push Higher Sustainable?
    on Thu, Apr. 3 EEM, FXI, IWM 1 Comment
  • How To Monitor The Risk Of A Midterm-Election-Year Stock Correction
    on Wed, Apr. 2 QQQ, RSP, SPY 3 Comments
  • Midterm Stock Correction Bets Could Backfire
    on Tue, Apr. 1 QQQ, RSP, SPY 3 Comments
  • The Rationale Behind Yellen's Mixed Message
    on Mon, Mar. 31 FEZ, QQQ, SPY 2 Comments
  • Foreign Stimulus Could Push U.S. Stocks To New Highs
    on Fri, Mar. 28 QQQ, SPY 14 Comments
  • With The Fed Stepping Back, Your Portfolio Needs You To Step Up And Lead
    on Thu, Mar. 27 QQQ, SPY, TLT 6 Comments
  • Are The Markets Heading Back To The 1990s And Hammer Time?
    on Tue, Mar. 25 AGG, SPY, UUP 13 Comments
  • The Fed's Big Mistake
    on Mon, Mar. 24 IEF, SPY, TIP 10 Comments
  • 1994, Rising Interest Rates, And Your Approach To The Markets
    on Fri, Mar. 21 GLD, IEF, QQQ 9 Comments
  • Why The Fed Will Step In During The Next Crisis
    on Wed, Mar. 19 QQQ, SPY, TLT 15 Comments
  • Fear Trade Not Gaining Traction While Fed Holds Down Rates
    on Tue, Mar. 18 IWM, RSP, SPY 3 Comments
  • Fed Could Deliver Stock-Friendly Statement Wednesday
    on Mon, Mar. 17 QQQ, RSP, SPY 13 Comments
  • 5 Reasons Your Simple Bear Market Plans Could Backfire
    on Fri, Mar. 14 QQQ, SPY 25 Comments
  • How To Monitor Increasing Risk Of A Stock Market Correction
    on Thu, Mar. 13 QQQ, SPY, DIA 12 Comments
  • Respected Model Says Stocks Could Rise 12% By September
    on Thu, Mar. 13 QQQ, SPY 11 Comments
  • A Trend U.S. Stock Investors Would Love To See Reversed
    on Wed, Mar. 12 FXI, QQQ, SPY 2 Comments
  • How Many Stock Market Top Boxes Have Been Checked?
    on Mon, Mar. 10 QQQ, SPY 8 Comments
  • Are Investors Starting To Shift To A Defensive Posture?
    on Sat, Mar. 8 IVW, SPY, TLT 18 Comments
  • Is More Central Bank Intervention Coming Soon?
    on Wed, Mar. 5 GDX, IMF, IVW 9 Comments
  • What Are The Stock Market Leaders Telling Us?
    on Tue, Mar. 4 AGG, IVW, IWO 7 Comments
  • Russian Commander Issues Ultimatum
    on Mon, Mar. 3 GDX, QQQ, SPY 7 Comments
  • How Strong Is The Bearish Case For Stocks?
    on Sat, Mar. 1 EEM, IWM, QQQ 23 Comments
  • New Closing High For S&P 500: What Does It Mean?
    on Thu, Feb. 27 QQQ, SPY, TLT 7 Comments
  • Stocks Unquestionably Hesitant, But Is That Bearish?
    on Wed, Feb. 26 XLY, SPY, IWO 8 Comments
  • Checking In On The 1929 Stock Market Parallel
    on Tue, Feb. 25 QQQ, SPY, TLT 12 Comments