• Chris DeMuth Jr.
    In Deal to Cut Corporate Taxes, Shareholders Pay the Price: http://nyti.ms/1k5Yfcu ($MDT, $BLK, $MDT, $WBA)
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    • Oliver Rowe: Fascinating, I smell opportunity, but I don't see it yet. It would only be a 33% tax on each shareholders capital gain, correct?
    • DanielleEmberley: Interesting story. Something like this could easily push an early retiree over the Obamcare cliff.
    • beboprocksteady: Thank God the C-suite is protected! They benefit from the lower taxes going forward, but don't have to pay taxes now like everybody else!
    • JD in NJ: Oliver. Yes, just on capital gains. And it's not a straight up 33% tax, it's whatever you would have paid if you sold your shares.
    • Special Situations and Arbs: So unfair on so many levels. The Obama news today looks like it is already getting people scared to hold tax inversion stocks. Long $MDT....
    • Ruerd Heeg: Same for $AUXL? Thanks, since I don't have capital gain tax I was unaware of this. Is it possible to profit from capital gain tax arbitrage?