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  • AAR: By Many Metrics, a Gift At This Price [View article]

    Sure, but what if I told you that management is focusing now on increasing those cash flow figures and conserving cash, as opposed to further increasing their acquisitions, to pay down their debt and increase their cash flow?

    There is always more to the story than meets the eye.

    I didn't get to go into details on all of that, but add that to the list of positives as well. Look at the cash flow, and free cash flow for the last 3 quarters and you'll see the trend developing.

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  • Hoping AAR Will Rise Above Airline Cutbacks [View article]
    Military Doc,

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

    Yea, GeoEye was an absolute steal when I recommended it at $22, and then again when it fell to $16.50!

    I think we still have more upside from here to around $30-35 or so, but not as much as before of course.

    Thanks for reading,
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  • AAR: A Falling Tide Sinks All Boats [View article]
    Hey Radiohead,

    I appreciate the feedback, and you are correct in calling my out in my "downgrade" but notice that I did not say sell shares.

    I am merely warning others to hold off on purchasing shares of AAR until after earnings are released in a couple more weeks, regardless of how undervalued the stock looks.

    If you own shares, hold on to them, because whatever happens after earnings, it really won't change things much, even if the stock rises or falls significantly, because I am already down 50%, so the effects of even a 10% move up or down doesn't change things, and will thus allow us more time to consider what was said and delivered on the call, before making out next move.

    If it is indeed the case that AAR is having more problems than I think they will, it's time to move on, kiss our money goodbye, and put the rest of the money to better use in something else.

    If that happens, I'll own up to the mistake, and move on.

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  • AAR Corp. Reports: Still a Strong Buy [View article]
    pshah: The CEO talked about this on the conference call, and while it is compelling in the sense of bringing more awareness to maintenance checks and the like, it's not likely to benefit AAR or any other MRO companies in the short term because we are talking about a really small number of planes being affected.

    It might however tighten standards and perhaps in the future cause a slight up-tick in MRO activity as we move forward.

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  • AAR Corp. Sell-Off Presents Immediate Buy Opportunity [View article]
    Hey RazzBerry,

    You have the wrong company. I am reporting on AAR (Ticker: AIR) NOT AMR!!

    Totally different company, and focus.

    Please re-read my article, and also click through to my website to read my full research report on AAR. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how truly cheap this stock is.

    Remember, AAR has NOTHING at all to do with flying people across the country, only with repairing the planes, and replacing the parts for those airplanes.

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