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Chris Mullen
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This is one of my favorite stocks to watch. So far, I'm up about 70%.
There is no way Apple will buy Blackberry.
I know Coke is a solid stock, but at this point, I wouldn't touch the stock any more than I would drink their soda. I certainly hope they can somehow transform their company into a more socially responsible entity.
Apple is doing a good job with this recent launch solidifying their dominance in the tablet market. I wish they would have tried a different naming scheme with the recent iPhone launch - instead of using "5C" maybe they should have went with an "air" or "mini" rather than creating a "cheap" version (which is how consumers probably see it). I was glad to see they didn't make that same mistake with the new iPad launch.
Buying an individual tech stock like IBM to just "sit on it" for twenty years is crazy talk. I can see the draw as an income investor, but dang man.
I've read numerous articles in the past few years that predict the latest and greatest phones are "iPhone Killers". The iPhone isn't going anywhere for a very long time and will continue to grow.
20,000 phones is still small potatoes in a market where you must sell tens of millions of phones which is why the market pretty much said "Big Whoop". As a long NOK, I do hope this becomes a pattern with large businesses, but Microsoft still needs to implement many improvements to Windows 8.1 and beyond before that happens.
Why on earth would MS want a CEO that crashed and burned JCP so bad? Good people succeed no matter where they are. Heck, I heard Antonio Perez of Kodak will be available soon. Maybe they should consider him too.
Don't mind me, I'm just giving the author a hard time. Most likely, Microsoft will hire from within.
I have a firm belief that it is more important to find the right people who then decide how to compete. That is why I am so bullish with Mattrick.
As a business owner that markets on Instagram, the lack of that app is a problem for me. On a personal side, I enjoy Instagram and Vine so no matter how beautiful the phone is, lack of apps is a deal breaker. I am sure many people feel that way.
As a long NOK investor, I hope Microsoft becomes more aggressive with encouraging developers to make more apps. It's the main weakness of the Windows platform that must be addressed.
At the time I submitted this article, there were only positive outlooks. During the time period between submitting and actually being published, Seeking Alpha approved and published two other bearish tablet-related articles. I was actually surprised this article as even published at all. Thanks for the comment!
You nailed that on the head!
Nice point.
Rumor is Windows RT at this point in time, but you're right. Pro would possibly be a game changer. Thanks for the comment.
I think Microsoft may be forcing Google's hand on this (Apple too) with the Xbox. As everything moves to the cloud and all devices merge, it could give Microsoft an edge they severely need. I'd be more worried about Sony and Nintendo.
As a business owner that regularly advertises through Facebook, I noticed some major improvement to Facebook's Ads Manager this year. The most notable addition is the conversion tracker, which should have been widely available ages ago. Facebook has a long way to go to compete with Google Adwords, but one thing Facebook has going for it is superior demographic targeting. just throwing in my two cents!
I hadn't even thought about the Indiana Jones franchise which is a fail on my part. Thanks for the comment!