Chris Vermeulen

Short only, momentum, etf investing, large-cap
Chris Vermeulen
Short only, momentum, ETF investing, large-cap
Contributor since: 2008
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Great report!
I bought UNG today with a tight stop. Take a look at my thinking:
Nice! yes this play is working out well and will likely hold up this week.
Im a short term trader and take advantage of short term extreme market/stock conditions. Technical analysis is a proven method as Brennan mentioned above but its only as good at the users skill/experience set and emotional control.
Im not a Warren Buffet and neither are the other 250,000 users on SA posting their comments/ideas. Im not an apple fan and I knew this would would ruffle some Apple Bugs feathers :)
Great article Avi, I just did a post showing where AAPL shares are likely trading before shares really ramp up and start the next major rally.
Solid gold report Brennan - Well Done!
While I do feel you are spot on with gold miners having more risk as gold goes up,we must keep in mind that the HERD will start to move back into gold miners once the new gold rally starts and you cannot stop a herds money flow. Some of the largest gains happen in these situations and things go parabolic and end with a massive blow off top and CRASH.
Most individuals are followers not traders so if the rally starts hold on tight and play it for all its worth :)
Same outlook, its cleansing the shares by running the stops
Mining sure isn't cheap, and safe mining is much more expensive but you cannot have people getting seriously injured and getting health problems all so you can get some platinum cheaper... Maybe it should be called Blood Platinum
Thanks ChartProphet, Ya im having issues with SeekingAlpha, They stopped posting my articles last year cause they say I focus to much on technical analysis. I write without TA and now they still don't post it as an article?? not sure what is going on but its frustrating.
I would cross that bridge at the time.... UCO I do like
Looks like Oil is getting ready for a bounce but its still forming bearish price and volume action on the intraday charts so until they turn bullish steer clear of oil cause next stop may be $65-67 per barrel in the coming month or two... Chris V.
Thank you, I really liked Brian Shannon's book. He has some really great chapters on short squeezes, and money management along with a lot of other topics:
I have resolved the link issue, should work now guys. Sorry
"If the market bottoms, so will the US market, which will be perfect timing as the market is currently oversold, sentiment is now turning bearish and we have had a sizable pullback in line with normal bull market corrections."
What I mean here is that the majority of traders are now becoming bearish and that is when the market generally bottoms. While the pullback seems very large in size, it is well within the normal pullback levels for a bull market. You dont want to be doing what everyone else is doing.. rather you want to be in position so when the majority of people pile into a trade you are in the money and they push it in the direction for you. I dont like to chase trades.
Hope this helps.
Just to clarify, I am not calling for an actual top, rather a pause and pullback which should last a month or two before continuing to move higher. Also I don't short in bull markets either.
You are right, with international fears like in Egypt shorting metals carries more risk than normal and im not looking to short metals right now. Rather letting the price play out and bottom which I think is just another way away.
Gotta say its funny how clear it is who is a gold bug and who is an active trader/investor.. :)
This is just free content to help those who are interested in a technical outlook for short term/ intermediate term trends.
Thanks everyone for your comments, its fun to see what everyone is seeing and thinking.
Day trading gold using futures or cfd's is very profitable. I have studied and traded gold for years and I find it the most profitable investment vehicle out there.
I will agree, to most people the gold charts look impossible to trade but if you were to take the time to study price action over the 24 hour day for several weeks or years, you should start to understand how it trades and moves through time zones etc...
Most people (99%) of traders cannot day traded for a living to start with. Add gold to the mix and I can see how you come about your article title :).
Gold is Great!
Marc - I was contacted my some of my newsletter readers that you have used my trading chart in this article without any reference to me?
I do not have any issues with people sharing my work but my name must be referenced. This is where you took my article from: www.thegoldandoilguy.c...
I think you hit the nail on the head. Well written.
I thought this piece was excellent!
Don’t get me wrong, I like to trade gold stocks (Golden Rockets) when I have a major buy signal for gold, but I really think people should be trading the gold ETF’s and the 200% leveraged ETF’s provide the accuracy of gold trades with the performance of gold stocks. Good Job!