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  • Look To Cash Flow From Operations For These 4 Market Outperformers
    Mon, Mar. 10 AES, AMGN, VNET 2 Comments


    • If China in 2014 looks like 2007-2008, in the US, looking toward both the quality and shock-elasticity of earnings becomes essential to the prudent investor's due diligence.
    • The start of the year saw most portfolios overweight equities, given equity market performance in 2013, providing the selling pressure we saw in January and somewhat in February.
    • Warren Buffett has historically spoken toward "dips," or mean-reversion, being seen as buying opportunities. If you paid $60 for a stock you value at $75, isn't $50 still a buy?
    • As geopolitical tension threatens to boomerang the markets, remember that investing means being on a team with every other shareholder who is long.
    • When you buy or sell a security, remember to ask yourself: Am I a stakeholder (believer), shareholder (investor), or am I a purchaser of hype (short-term speculator)?