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  • Christopher F. Davis
    $TZA ready to explode on a sell-off we all know is coming. Could short $SPXL or $TNA too
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    • jjsefton: I guess the HFT algorithms haven't decided to sell yet. When they do it'll be 1 trillion shares unloaded in 1 mico second.
    • Christopher F. Davis: It could get ugly. Good to have some cash on hand. There are some buying opps out there $AAPL $AUY $SLW ive added to as well as $TZA hedge
    • jjsefton: You're smart for hedging. Me, Im up to my ears in SQQQ & TZA just waiting on The Matrix to defeat Neo haha
    • jvastola: i'm in at 16.41 and 14.89 for a "net" of 15.85...though the markets seem to be breaking down the technical analysis bears.
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