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  • GoPro: 5 Factors To Push It Lower [View article]
    I agree with your logic: the change in market share numbers at year end will determine GoPro's dominance and whether anyone can threaten it. My guess is that with the quality of the names getting into the game and the lack of a deep moat that the numbers could slip for GoPro. But that is just a guess.
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  • GoPro: 5 Factors To Push It Lower [View article]
    Jta, thanks for producing the stat of 47%market share. The point that I want to get across is that competition is growing in the category, and that GPRO's stock is behaving like it has no competition. Keep in mind that 53% of people choosing action cameras did not choose a GoPro. GoPro's market share deserves respect, but it is not the only player in the category, and the resulting competitive pressure deserves some respect as well.
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  • GoPro: Acknowledged Huge Risk With Potential Huge Rewards [View article]
    Where do you come up with your Oct 8 date for lock up coming due? I count December 23 as 180 days past IPO.
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  • OncoGenex: Phase III Trial In First Line Metastatic Prostate Cancer Fails, Now What? [View article]
    With the predicted equity raise now done and the stock below $3, time to get back in for a small punt.
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  • Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Is More Than Just A Short-Term Ebola Trade [View article]
    It is too bad, but far to much weight will be given to the outcome from one patient by investors. If the patient lives the stock will soar; if the patient dies the stock will crater. There is a reason that hundreds or thousands of cases are used in clinical trials. One case can hardly be considered definitive.
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  • Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Is More Than Just A Short-Term Ebola Trade [View article]
    Unfortunately the gist of this article is being missed by most investors: that TKMR is NOT just an Ebola stock. The current hype and over-trading in the stock is the result of this mis-perception. Too many quick buck chasers are in this stock and have pushed it well ahead of where it should be. TKMR remains on the long road to developing treatments for Ebola and other diseases. The tragedy in West Africa does little to change that. TKM Ebola and other experimental drugs may join GMapp is being used on humans during this crisis. Those drugs may, or may not work. But that won’t change the fact they will have to continue their trials and longer term studies on efficacy in order to get approval and eventual commercial sales. TKMR’s RNAi methodology shows promise as does their LNP delivery system. Eventually as they Ebola hype dies down, as it inevitably will, the current flock of traders will exit the name, re-storing more normal trading and valuations, and TKMR will become an interesting early stage biotech to hold for the long term. But right now its stock price seems to be supported more by the buzz of the moment, the illusions that the clinical trials process may be dispensed with, than the other valuable attributes the author describes in this article.
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  • BlackBerry Recovery Not Assured But Definitely Possible [View article]
    Is that BBRY's next venture: to create a secure Cloud? On the surface, that seems to make sense.
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  • BlackBerry Recovery Not Assured But Definitely Possible [View article]
    Michael, a good review of their recent device offering; the tables you have compiled are most helpful.

    As to their "long term solvency" I would offer that there is no worry on that front in next year. With $2.7 billion in cash and investments and with the stock price now above the conversion price on their debentures, it would take a substantial and enduring negative turn in ops to threaten their solvency.

    While the clear intent of your article was to focus on the Passport, I would also add that there is a decent chance that the new strategic focus on software and services could also be an earnings driver. I have been long since the beginning of August in anticipation of another good report on the 26th. Your article provides further support for my thesis.
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  • Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Is More Than Just A Short-Term Ebola Trade [View article]
    A good answer to infairness’ question. I really don’t think borders come into the issue. ZMApp itself is really no less Canadian than TKM-Ebola. Both are cross-border collaborations: ZMapp is a result of combined efforts from Mapp Biopharma (San Diego) and Dreyfus Inc (Toronto); the research that lead to its development was started at the University of Manitoba.

    ZMapp has been gathering recent headlines; TKMR could just as easily be next week’s headline, and after that the next biopharma to be working on a cure. This is the problem with TKMR’s surge of new shareholders: they are looking at short term issues in the multi-year road to developing a new drug. Use of ZMapp in no way infers that TKM-Ebola will not be used. These are very early days for both drugs. Keep in mind that at this point, none of us “investors” know anything at all about cost to manufacture either drug, availability of quantities; we know very little about safety in humans of either drug and we know nothing about efficacy in humans, outside of the handful of cases reported about ZMapp. Those claiming success or failure of either drug are making a false claim. The evidence simply has not yet been presented to make such proclamations.
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  • BlackBerry Passport: Microsoft Surface Part Deux [View article]
    Cost reductions ARE an operating improvement. Revenue enhancement, which has eluded BBRY, is not the only form of improving operations. BBRY has the goal of reducing dependence on device revenue and focusing on software and service revenue. Cost-cutting as an important first step in getting the company in a proper financial position to implement its new strategy. I expect to see continued declines in Q over Q revenue but I would not say that alone qualifies as a lack of operational improvement.

    I don’t really see the comparison of Passport to Surface, but in any event, is it not a bit premature to be making any pronouncements, good or bad, given that it does not launch until next month?
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  • Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Is More Than Just A Short-Term Ebola Trade [View article]
    A good, informative article Karin. One thing I would like to query: I believe their trial with humans is a safety trial only on healthy humans, set up to determine if there may be any adverse effects when taken by humans as opposed to determining efficacy with infected patients. Do I have the correct understanding of that human trial?
    Aug 27 11:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Delphic Icahn tweet sends Herbalife higher [View news story]
    You don't suppose that Carl was just teasing him? If you want to get the goad of an investment banker, just tell him you are working on a deal that he is not in. Quite possible that Icahn's comment was made entirely in jest and has no element of truth in it. In event, to speculate on a stock based one single, cryptic tweet strikes me as the height of irrationality.
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  • Kandi Technologies higher on report of China EV charging investment [View news story]
    They said the same thing about natural gas. Remember the "Pickens Plan" and the super highway or whatever it was called that was going to have nat gas filling stations everywhere? Hydrocarbon fuels will surely be replaced, but I think one needs to be careful about which solution will "inevitably" replace it.
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  • Short Sellers And Seeking Alpha [View article]
    And our little exchange just proves my point. You brought up your point of view and I brought up the counter-point which you have now countered. Readers can either agree with my view and continue to come to the site or take up your side of the argument and leave Seeking Alpha and get their investment news/opinions from Reuters/Bloomberg/Forb... or wherever. We are both proving the process works.
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  • Short Sellers And Seeking Alpha [View article]
    The SA Editors are doing the right thing by suggesting that YOU write an article. Seeking Alpha is meant to be an open forum of user-contributed information and opinion. When you suggest there are errors of fact in an article, SA Editors would have to fact-check your assertions. If they are going to fact check your assertions, why not fact check each article? Because that would then cease to be a user-based forum and would become like any other investment-based periodical where a single body (the editors) determine content. What makes SA unique, and, in my opinion, valuable, is the open forum aspect where content is selected and provided by actual investors. Yes, that opens up greater risk to errors and even potential distortions. But I have found the user community is pretty quick to debate and expose error and distortion. It then becomes up to the reader to decide which side of the argument has greater cred. For better or worse, I like that process.
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