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Feel free to submit requests for coverage on REITs you would like analyzed. I will initially be focusing on coverage of Mreits.

Most analysis on articles on Mreits will be focused on analyzing the financial statements and assessing the expected income and/or losses projected in each quarter as rates shift.

In the interest of meritocracy, my articles will stand on their own merits. I believe anonymity of authors is critical to enhancing analysis.

Diversity is expected, always. Recommendations of a buy or sell on a stock should never be taken to suggest investing a large portion of your portfolio. Idiosyncratic risk can overwhelm even excellent analysis.

See Seeking Alpha's policy on anonymous authors.

  • Description: MBA Student.
  • Interests: ETFs, Gold, Mutual funds, REITs
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Illustrating Why McDonald's Is Not Under-Priced At Its Current Price $MCD Sep 9, 2014