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  • Are You Buying The 3D Printing Hype? [View article]
    According to the hype cycle, the 3D printing technology has been set to meet extremely high expectations. "Revolutionary", "game changing" are the perceptions of the technology. If these expectations aren't met, in the near future, then is when you start reading about the negatives and cons.

    For example:

    How will the stock price react? The hype cycle isn't company specific, rather the whole technology as a whole. Baring any extraordinary events with DDD, I do not see a "crash" coming, rather a pull back when we are over this "honeymoon" period with 3D printing.
    Speculating here: I would wait for a pull back, because as mentioned, I believe the stock price has shot up too fast.
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  • Are You Buying The 3D Printing Hype? [View article]
    Here is an article regarding bioprinting:

    Like you said, possibilities are endless with this technology, as it can affect so many industries.

    With DDD, I know they have patents for their printers. As stated in the article, they have 725 patents by end of 2011 with 257 pending patents. However, I think competition will be driven when the printers become more mainstream, which could take years from now. So I do not know how much these patents will secure the DDD from competitors entering the market.

    If they continue to operate as a industry leader, DDD should remain ahead of its competition with advanced innovation.
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  • Are You Buying The 3D Printing Hype? [View article]
    I did not want to compare DDD to the social media companies directly. Moreso, show how "hype" may have affected their valuations.

    These social media companies were used as an example to demonstrate how investors got burned by paying a premium for the stock. Due to the great buzz around the respective IPO's, investors believed they were getting fair value, which obviously was not the case.
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  • Are You Buying The 3D Printing Hype? [View article]
    I appreciate your comment and agree with you that 3D printing is still a relatively unknown technology amongst the general public.

    However, the current price of DDD, as shown by the P/E and PEG, indicate that it may be too high for the current earnings the company has reported to date. The growth of the stock price has outpaced earnings growth. This could be due to the "hype". If so, the price you would be paying includes this premium.

    I am a firm believer in the company and the 3D printing technology. I think both have a very bright future with limitless potential. That being said, I think there will be a better time for longs to enter when the stock isn't as hot as it is now so they can maximize profits. This is only my opinion.

    Speaking of 3D food, here is an interesting article.
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