• DAG Investments
    DGIT brief mention near end of this article... taking on a new lease could be a good sign of expected growth http://bloom.bg/HInBIT
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    • madpup: I agree, thanks for the post. I don't care how much they bang this one down, this one is a long term keeper.
    • DAG Investments: i hope it's a long-term keeper, but i'm less certain at this point. the stock isn't covered much at all and it's been hard to find any info
    • madpup: I agree, this one is going to require extra patience and time to pay off.
    • DAG Investments: agreed. i was heavily invested when DGIT got to a good buy price so i only bought a partial position... now trying to decide whether to add
    • DAG Investments: please share any info you might come across
    • madpup: K
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