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    DGIT any opinions? another recent acquisition. earnings in a couple weeks. lot of shorting, but i'm actually thinking long.
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    • bigfoot: What's your trading horizon? DGIT could be a great stock in 9-12 months, but not that great during the summer if the economy falters.
    • DAG Investments: long. average price of shares i hold now is 10.50. prefer to either complete position at current lows or dump b4 earnings in a couple weeks.
    • DAG Investments: if i do add, it would be with the intent of holding for at least a year and preferably at least several years
    • bigfoot: I'm also long, at $10.66, but I don't plan to add to that position in the short term.
    • DAG Investments: well now i wish i had added... up almost 7% today so far... why didn't you tell me that was going to happen!? ;~)
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