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    MTW, to my surprise, has performed best so far among my buys of the past month, which include SDRL, HAL, TRN, WTI, EROC & KR. MTW +11%
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    • Kilborn: Played MTW last week for a 7% gain and again this week for a 8% gain. Got out today at $11.40...
    • DAG Investments: good deal. i buy for long-term so 11% in a few weeks is a big deal to me. lol
    • Kilborn: It was the first 2 wins I've had in a while - too long a while. I'm not declaring myself trader extraordinaire...just still in the game...gl
    • DAG Investments: congrats on good trades. been rough for most the past few months, but hopefully continues getting better. thanks and gl.
    • sethmcs: I can kick myself for missing two opportunities to buy MTW @ $6.20 since 2009.
    • DAG Investments: still good growth opportunities in emerging markets so i think its still a good buy in $10 range. its volatile so it'll probably dip back.
    • DAG Investments: Just posted an article on $MTW. The run is not over. Feedback is much appreciated. http://seekingalpha.com/a/10t9s