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  • DAG1996
    $WMB Natural Gas Plant Explosion/Fire Near Plymouth, WA
    Mar 31, 12:38 PM
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    • DAG1996: Accidents happen so I no reason to overreact. In fact, it could create a brief buyable dip as the news spreads. Long WMB.
      Mar 31, 12:39 PM
    • Energysystems: Hopefully not as bad as last years $WMB explosion.
      Mar 31, 12:43 PM
    • DAG1996: Right. So far, it sounds like it's not.
      Mar 31, 12:45 PM
    • DAG1996: Are you still in $EEP? I decided to sell in early Feb. and possibly buy back later. Looking at GSJK as replacement and working on a article.
      Mar 31, 12:47 PM
    • Energysystems: Still holding $EEP. It's just treading water, but I'm trying to stay long lol
      Mar 31, 2:11 PM
    • DAG1996: Understandable. I doubt it'll go any lower, but had to look at opportunity cost of holding despite better opps. I can always buy back.
      Mar 31, 2:16 PM
    • Energysystems: Well, I'm not married to it, if a buying opp comes up on my watchlist, it may get liquidated.
      Mar 31, 2:22 PM
    • DAG1996: Right. Then again, my luck is it'll rebound when I don't have funds available to repurchase, then run away from me. 2016+ should be good.
      Mar 31, 2:28 PM
    • Energysystems: That's my investment thesis, I like the projects in the pipeline, and I'm hoping it pays off.
      Apr 1, 6:37 PM
    • DAG1996: Yes, me too ... just got impatient.
      Apr 1, 6:48 PM