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  • All Dividend-Growth Investors Are Not Created Equal [View article]
    Hey Bob, as you may or may not know the bond market was on a multi-decade tear for many decades. An investor who had been accumulating a balanced portfolio of bonds and bond funds over the previous decade and more, and accumulating those funds perhaps in concert with some equities would have been in wonderful shape. And they would have created a very generous and increasing income stream. And of course, managed sensibly and easily no need to sell the ETFs, or bonds or equities, for many.

    To each his own, but the balanced portfolio has served many well over the decades. As has an all equity strategy for those who have the stomach and patience for it.
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  • All Dividend-Growth Investors Are Not Created Equal [View article]
    Certainly anecdotal but many DG investors that write and comment on SA are more 'new' than that 2009 period. It will be interesting.

    I was certainly investing through 2009, from 2007-2011 was my most fruitful time period.

    The 2000 meltdown, was not very kind to me ... ha.
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  • All Dividend-Growth Investors Are Not Created Equal [View article]
    Not where I thought you were going with this article - after reading the headline. I thought you would go with the broader "there will those that are good at it (DG investing), and those who are not very good at it".

    Some will be very successful, and some will fail unfortunately.

    Some investors will demonstrate patience and fortitude. Others will realize that they do not have the portfolio to match their risk tolerance level.

    Knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em will be tricky business. Most have not been tested yet.

    Finding true value will be a valuable skill at market tops.

    The US markets have been relatively boring and steady. It may get interesting soon enough. But I am personally enjoying the ride.

    I hope it continues. Plodding along and staying patient is important as well when things are boring.
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  • Patience Required With Emerging Markets ETFs [View article]
    Would add that I use DG in concert with asset allocation. In fact I use the overall asset allocation and (safety) to fund the dividend growth component. In this article here.

    I am a fan of international diversification which does not appear to be a concern with many DG investors. I understand that they will have international exposure through the multinationals. But those dividends do not largely come home due to taxation, as outline in this article here. Sorry your dividends are not coming home any time soon.
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  • Patience Required With Emerging Markets ETFs [View article]
    Yes, and I don't have the timeframe at this point or stomach for the volatility. Being Canadian, those holdings are somewhat a play on the developing world and their demand for energy and materials.

    Many companies and (non DM) ETFs will benefit somewhat from robust developing market growth - in an indirect fashion. But certainly not to the same degree as with direct exposure.
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  • Dividend Investors Should Ignore Price Fluctuations [View article]
    Thanks DGI. On entry, what is your opinion on PG's current valuation(s) and growth prospects? How about McD and KO?

    Wondering also, when do you consider selling a holding. Which companies have you removed from your portfolio over the years?

    Thanks again.
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  • Patience Required With Emerging Markets ETFs [View article]
    I made some good money on bric mostly selling out in 2010 and 2011. I'll admit to selling the rest of my small position this week. Though I'd certainly agree with Benzinga's position on this. There is likely incredible value here as investors run the other way.

    In the attempt to lessen portfolio volatility I've followed the herd and put that into a DG ETF that is likley more overvalued or fairly valued.

    For International exposure I will stick with developed nations and EAFE.
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  • Don't Just Do Something, Stand There [View article]
    thanks for that. one can certainly wait until it's obviously undervalued. those moments don't come along that often, but they are obvious. that is, the classic warren bufftet "be greedy when others are fearful".

    On the other hand, the markets can remain irrational longer than we can remain solvent.
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  • Don't Just Do Something, Stand There [View article]
    Hey Buyandhold, what metric are you using to consider the broader market overvalued? Not that I disagree with you.

    Many write that the markets are fairly valued? Another article today stated that the sp500 PE is still below its 20 year average?

    Wondering what your thoughts (and Roger's) are on this.

    Also, do you not then search for individual companies that might be undervalued in an overvalued totatl market?

    Thanks, always appreciate the input of those who've invested through many cycles.
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  • Canadian Dividends In ETF Form [View article]
    I think that XEI and VDY together are a great way to cover the Canadian dividend landscape. No need to stock pick imho.

    XDV is a great ETF as well. Nice yield and a very strong dividend growth history. That would do the trick. I think that is a small part fo XTR along with XEI and others.
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  • Earnings Take Center Stage As The Fed Returns To The Fold [View article]
    The economy still needs that performance enhancing stimulus? This will be a hard habit to break. Perhaps the solution is to pull off the band-aid and have a little temporary pain so that the patient can heal on its own.

    Government bodies getting out of the way? Crazy talk fer sure. ha
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  • 2 Underrated Investment Techniques In The Real World [View article]
    In the QSR sector (quick serve restaurant) same store sales is the metric largely used to evaluate success and health, and of stores that have been opened for a certain period...

    McDonald’s Corp. (MCD), the world’s largest restaurant chain, said sales at stores open at least 13 months rose 2.6 percent last month, topping analysts’ estimates, as the Dollar Menu and breakfast items drove the U.S. business.

    Over a year, same-store sales in the U.S. advanced 2.4 percent, the Oak Brook, Illinois-based company said today in a statement. Analysts estimated a 2.1 percent gain.

    This may continue to be a slow (same store sales) growth story, but likely a very steady and profitable long-term investment.

    Though it can certainly underperform the market as it did from 1996-2006. This one requires incredible patience sometimes beyond 10 years or more.

    Still content that this has a healthy weighting within DIA.

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  • McDonald's Can Offer Investors Opportunity By Focusing On Its Core Business [View article]
    But all said, same store sales increase numbers are of concern. Likely a great long, long-term hold for the dividend. Wonderful core business. One of the top brands in the world.

    One requires patience for this investment as I outlined in this article.

    Happy to hold McD within DIA, and Tim Hortons directly in Canada. Tims has given me a nice double double, and will continue to kick McD's butt. lol
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  • McDonald's Can Offer Investors Opportunity By Focusing On Its Core Business [View article]
    Introducing healthier options is both a brand decision and a wise product option. Some healthier parents will take their kids there, with the kids ordering burgers and the parents choosing a healthier option. You need one to get the other. One can't look at the 3% in isolation.

    On the branding side, it puts a "healthy" shine on McDonald's. It also freshens up the brand. It is a very wise menu choice and a very well thought out decision by management.

    Having worked in this sector on Tim Hortons in Canada (the only company that actually beats McDonald's in the quick serve market) companies introduce new products on a regular rotation to keep the brand fresh and new and somewhat innovate. Otherwise things get stale.
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  • Why I'm Holding On To My Bonds [View article]
    Conditions change. The reason for holding bonds certainly never changes.

    That said, the risks for holding bonds (certainly in funds) changes and should be managed.
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