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Dan Butterfield

Dan Butterfield is the Managing Editor of iPhonAsia - a website covering iPhone with particular emphasis in China, Japan and Korea. Over the course of his career, Dan has held senior management positions in the securities industry and was responsible for development of Web 2.0 applications sold through national sales channels. Dan is a subject matter expert on the mobile telecom industry in China and is familiar with political and cultural aspects of doing business in Asia. Dan has written numerous articles on mobile telecom in the Pacific Rim and developed friendships with expats, journalists, telecom analysts and app developers across Asia.
  • Description: Analyst. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Tech stocks
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iPhonAsia iPhonAsia was created to share current information on forthcoming iPhone launches in China and throughout Asia. Knowledge, insight and contributions from guests are welcome. Please contact Dan Butterfield directly if you’d like to add a post. Relevant subjects include but are not limited to: Apple, iPhone, ...More
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