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Long/short equity, newsletter provider, biotech, tech
Dan Rosenblum
Long/short equity, newsletter provider, biotech, tech
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Here is New York State's Superintendent of Financial Services Ben Lawsky on cnbc saying banks have to move away from passwords to multi factor authorization exactly what VDSI does !
Just a heads up that I sold all my NSLP and took a nice loss in the process . I don't see oil rallying much past $60 so NSLP could remain under pressure for a while.
Just a heads up that after trimming my ATLS shares on the way up and selling more today I now own only a few hundred shares. I was dismayed by today's second dividend cut which took me by surprise. Was a nice trade regardless.
thanks for the kind words bill
TRGP just held an employee meeting saying that the $ATLS deal is still on and they are well positioned after merger closes
you would have to ask Mr Cooperman what he thinks the value is
Thank you Phil
One thing I am not sure about so I did not mention it. The S-4 provides for ATLS the ability to issue their regular .55 dividend
. Whats the cut off date for the deal closing inorder for them to issue the dividend ? I do not know . Anyone ?
great point Tom
$53 million break up fee
TRGP is a mid stream company and are buying mid stream assets no one is forcasting a decline in transport volume next year . TRGP last night reiterated guidance for 2015
One more thing, if you read the S-1 APL had 7 bidders involved in the process at some point. APL is a highly valued asset to say the least
I just wanted to say that obviously yesterday after this article was written ATLS plunged $3.5 and the stub value is now down to 32 cents.
Last night after the close TRGP said the merger is on schedule to close in Q1 2015 and they also reiterated guidance for 2015.
In addition Leon Cooperman disclosed he bought 455,000 shares on Monday at an avg price of $30.55 .
In my 15 years of trading I don't think I have ever seen an equity this mispriced.
first of all they had no reason to make the announcement without being prompted. Second of all TRGP needs APL more than the other way around. APL is mostly in the hottest shale plays, TRGP is mostly mid country where oil is lower and the slow down will be felt faster.
TRGP just announced the deal is still on
as the years go out the hedges decrease that is normal for all E&P companes
I guess thats why BCEI is down 45% in the last week and PDCE is down only 25%. if they worth both at $30 I would buy PDCE as well.
anyone interested in BCEI here ? Down to $21 today. This evening, Millenium Management filed a 6.4% stake.
They are building liquified natural gas facilities to be used to ship it but they are not active yet. exports will start in 2016 I think
thanks guys for the kind words . Yes its distributions and not dividends and MLPs cant cut distributions just because... they need to distribute based on free cash flow.
It is possible Cisco will devise a better mousetrap but so far I do not believe they have . Time will tell
Funny, because I found an article in the WSJ from 2012 where Cisco said they were going to destroy Arista and here we are 2 years later.
I can see estimating 50-60% growth for the year. Makes it easier to beat estimates.
Another point mr Savrieno missed is that unlike with drugs the medical equipment companies get paid for their devices during the trials. This limits the losses.
Full disclosure. I sold some of my oversized position in FRAN got it down to more normal position size for my portfolio.
Stock is stalling here around $29 would feel better if it got back to $30 level.
Furthermore now that the founders have left the company there is no connection between management and the suppliers.
I don't know Mr Davis ,but as I stated in the article Ms Backes is a very impressive individual.
Yes Tom I have. I dont believe there is anything unusual going on it is not unusual in the private label wold to use people you are close to as your suppliers. Other public companies in retail do it as well. Everything was disclosed in SEC filings.
Maybe if it were 80% and not 20% I would be more worried
PER has the rights to roylties to 70% of production through 2031. One would assume these fields would have value in case SD went under .
There is a provision in the trust agreement that if cash flow from the wells are below a certain amount for 4 consecutive quarters the trustee has the right to sell the royalty interest and distribute it to shareholders.
However if you think SD is going bankrupt I would not buy this stock.
thank you for the kind words, I am often wrong but at least I put my money where my mouth is.
no question if SD goes under, PER will come under pressure but PER's assets would be unaffected long term.
SD survived 2008 when oil was under $50 and if we get something worse than 2008 SD will be the least of my worries.
Thanks. I wasn't projecting production but I think its safe to say the company's forecast for production is on track.
I don't know if they spin off the MLP as a dividend to holders or as a means to raise cash in an ipo. My guess is a combination.