Dana Blankenhorn

Long only, medium-term horizon, tech, solar
Dana Blankenhorn
Long only, medium-term horizon, tech, solar
Contributor since: 2011
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When people face losses elsewhere in their portfolio, they dump their winners. This is especially true for institutions, and many institutions are sitting on huge losses, realized and unrealized, in energy equity and energy loans.
I consider that an opportunity for the little guy.
The value of an SA article is proportional to the amount of discussion it generates and the quality of that discussion, in my view. That is the difference between what you see here and what you see at Bloomberg.
In the current environment you are absolutely correct. But investing seasons can change quickly, although I saw some dogwood trees yesterday here in Atlanta that put out flowers ahead of last night's freeze.
I agree with you. Looking forward to your analysis.
Amazon has profits. Not as much as idiots would like, because they reinvest what they make. But they have profits.
Panic is fine when watching a horror movie. It's also fun to root things down if you're not in the market. And when all this ends I'm sure there will be some who assure us they got into gold last month, all-in, and stayed there.
The debt the debt the debt. Pay for the Iraq War and we'll talk about the debt. Until then, please STFU about "the debt the debt the debt." It's just an excuse to screw the rest of us.
Sort of proud of that WMT call I made last month.
Jon Stewart saw the handwriting on the wall and went to HBO. Colbert to CBS? Well, he's still in it.
Shorting is indeed not for the squeamish.
You are correct that the manufacturing recession is troubling, but it's easily corrected. We can start with those lead pipes in Flint.
Most stocks are not in the bubble. Most stocks aren't in oil, most stocks aren't in profit-less tech. The guys at 3G Capital may be Brazilian, but they're still smiling.
"Have fun" is one of my daughter's favorite sayings these days. She uses it as a dismissive for people who piss her off. (She's 27, still looking to start her career.)
Not gibberish at all. Wisdom.
The cheerleaders are right. We're not in a recession. There are long-tail benefits of lower oil prices that are filtering through the economy as we speak.
Doesn't mean this isn't a major financial event. On that I was wrong.
That will happen when we have more evidence on what the bottom of this cycle looks like. Doesn't matter whether that bottom is a recession or not. Until we have visibility, meaning until the oil barons have all dripped dry and the unicorns have had their horns shorn, we go down.
If you have the risk appetite and quick trigger finger needed to short, by all means short. I don't. I have other things to do. Like write.
Yes. Money needs to be recycled. Although I don't think he understands how the market helps this process through events like the current bear run. Where did all that money go that was in stocks in December? What happened to money in those foreclosed oil loans?
Fitbit is a medical device that's not classed as a medical device.
Steve Ballmer no dummy? He bought the Clippers, for crying out loud. And then didn't have the nerve to change the mascot to Clippy!
Is this a business grave or a personal grave?
PCs will survive. Printers will still be around. So why shouldn't HP make 'em?
People thought I was Jewish when I was a kid. Did not have that honor.
I haven't. Got through the Great Recession. Got through the Dot Bomb. It takes patience, but if you like your hand going in just sit tight and you'll be fine in a year or two.
Yes, like Amazon. Company is still great, even if the stock isn't right now.
It was obviously getting ahead of itself at 700. But worthless? No.
I think getting a 28% operating margin on $8 billion in sales, in a market that leaves long-time incumbents pounding sand, should be worth something. Being able to compete directly against your own customers in the fastest-growing segments of retailing and entertainment delivery, that should also be worth something.
What it's worth, of course, will vary from day to day.
All those are good points. That's one reason I said the speculation was free, because it is speculative.
I think a machine that runs 10 times faster than current equipment is good for more than prototyping. And a machine that can deliver multiple textures, and multiple colors, on a single pass should also find a market.
The use of 3D in production rises as a function of speed, and as accuracy is required. 3D is very accurate. That's why it's used for knee replacements despite the lack of speed.
The main ticker is HPQ. The other 3D companies are, as I stated, in very poor shape, and for good reason.
I would love to be optimistic about the 3D printing space. I have been in the past. But without exponential improvement, that's not happening.
The hope is HPQ has it.
One analysis I saw indicates that if the bear market lasts more than 234 days you may have a recession. I guess that would mean the bear saw its shadow?
I have heard that argument many times. It's spin by oilmen.
Right now you can short about anything and be a winner. We've had a bear market since January 1, although the real economy keeps moving forward.