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  • CDS Spreads: How to Profit from the Sovereign Debt Crisis [View article]
    Great article! It's evident that playing around with CDS' would require a lot of in-depth finance experience. But, Alan and Maverick, one thing I learned about investing is that if you have an idea to invest in, somebody can set it up for you - the opportunities are endless.

    I'm not sure about CDS' in specific, but if anybody did have more information that'd be great to hear.
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  • The Decade's Top 25 Stocks [View article]
    Surprised that none of these sounds too familiar... thanks for posting thought. I remember reading somewhere that Dell was one of the most profitable of the entire century.
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  • Seth Klarman's Baupost Group Q3 Portfolio: Two Changes of Note [View article]
    Check out for summaries of returns of all well known financial firms - this one is definitely on there.

    On Nov 18 12:24 PM Gus McRae wrote:

    > does anyone know what Baupost's 2008 return was? I have not seen
    > that number anywhere. Given his limited interest in shorting and
    > his value orientation, I would assume it was down, perhaps significantly.
    > If not, the guy may walk on water after all.
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  • How Ralph Lauren Can Make You Money [View article]
    MikeD71, I know what you mean about pricey clothing. Sometime it doesn't justify the quality or the value.. but we need to profit off the millions of people that do buy RL, not criticize them, right? :)

    buddhabill, I haven't heard too much about lack of quality, but I can definitely see how it fits into the different price points strategy. RL tries to sell a lot of lower price-point products while still having "value" to appeal to that market, and still excel in the high-end market with their RL Blue and RL Black Label lines. Don't know too many clothing retailers with that strategy.

    Thanks for the comments! For more analysis, check out my blog:
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  • Home Depot: A Quick Lesson in How to Beat EPS Estimates [View article]
    Thanks for the great article Andrew. I know what you mean about the tumbleweeds; HD always felt like a store for contractors rather than the average person. I never really saw that as a positive for the company. Do you think a potential rebound in the real estate market would help the company out a lot compare to their competitors?

    For more analysis, check out my blog:
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  • How Ralph Lauren Can Make You Money [View article]

    Thanks for your comment. I definitely agree - the upcoming efforts in the Asian markets will definitely bring that sales growth you want to see in the next year. RL is one of the few stocks right now that is NOT at its 52 week high (about 20% lower) so there is room for profiting. It's just an iconic brand that gets that competitive advantage. Look out for RL in the near term!

    For more analysis, check out my blog:
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  • IFRS 101: What Every Investor Needs to Know (Yes, you too!) [View instapost]
    Thanks for the comment G&D. It's tough to predict the effects at this point but they may definitely become more liberal. The IFRS regulations will be more "principle" based and provide far less specific guidance than current GAAP, thus giving more wiggle room to more liberal.
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  • Digital Media and the Future of Advertising [View article]
    Great article. Seems to me that Publicis is one of the leading companies in social marketing and I love seeing the innovation employed in such a big firm, showing they even such a giant can be dynamic in today's market. Thanks!
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  • Plenty of Upside Remaining for Microsoft [View article]
    Well argued but I still think MSFT is too inconsistent year over year to provide solid price appreciation. Dividend stock - maybe, but seems like that's what you're in it for. good luck!
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  • Ten Products that Boomed During Recession [View article]
    That's so interesting that you mentioned Hyundai has been doing well. A few colleagues and I were just discussing that their quality and reliability since about 2000/2001 has been quite strong as compared to Honda and Toyota, which followed a subsequent increase in sales relative to those two competitiors. I think the next step for Hyundai is to step up from the "junky" image and they're really been trying to do that with the Genesis and Genesis Coupe. I personally drive an IS250 but the Genesis Coupe was probably my second choice when I was car shopping, so interesting to see that they are doing better now.

    AND we have a Keurig coffee machine in the office here so I can relate =)

    I wrote a similar article on my blog about recession investing not too long ago, check it out:
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  • Dow 10,000: Better This Time Around? [View article]
    As a matter of fact, I just read from Howard Lindzon's tweet that the DOW passed 10,000 fifty times in the decade since the DOW first passed 10,000. Kinda cool if you want to analyze movement =)

    Check out my blog at:

    On Oct 15 01:06 AM Just checkin wrote:

    > This is the 3rd time we've hit Dow 10,000.....
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  • The Bond Investor's Dilemma [View article]
    Well said Alan. I agree with the comment above that the Fed is just acting as it naturally feels is appropriate, despite that everybody out of the Fed feels it is the incorrect move.

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  • The Differences Between Markets Now and 1929, 1973 and 2000 [View article]
    Wow what an interesting comparison - thanks for sharing! You can definitely see the sevarity of the situation and how people reacted to it with such a steep drop in the markets (similarly to the great depression) compared to a more gradual one.

    Check out my blog at
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  • The Market Is Priced to Perfection [View article]
    Wow very well written... pretty scary to just throw all those facts in together, but it's true, the government in this time has really caused a lot of damage that will be very hard to fix... and yet keeps wanting to spend more on things like a health reform - that could wait until we're out of this economic slump.

    To answer your rhetorical question of what to do when nothign is left for a rainy day? .... unfortunately probably print more pennies... aka hyperinflation. But let's hope for the best that it doesn't turn out that way. Nothing is certain until it happens.

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  • Save the Wall St. Bonuses for Real Talent [View article]
    Ya really good point. I remember listening to a podcast a little while ago saying that the cause of this is the government TARP and bailout money, specifically because now that firms have this extra money they were compelled to pay their executive to retain them only because all their competitors had the money to retain their execs as well. Vicious cycle processed, and all the money got mis-allocated to the wrong people..instead of using it for productive things. Just another point to consider..
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