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Danny Furman
Long/short equity
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Pretending to know demand dynamics 10+ years out us entirely foolish, the author makes much better suggestions than MSM stalwarts PFE, JNJ, FB, CMCSA.... Anyone looking to buy and hold a stock for 25 years should be entirely out of stocks and in bonds. The article makes relative suggestions, not typical assertions... Water utilities might make most sense
So you're saying silver will be too expensive for continued use in panels? Sounds good for SLW
Timely, thoughtful, well written, good advice
Carl, first of all you're an idiot if you think that website is anything but an advertisement for MON. This is one area in which people are gaining consciousness and MON will be on the pink sheets once the govt becomes obligated to make laws in line with nations less willing to eat poison. Other killing businesses, MO MCD etc are much more sustainable.
Agreed rarity, but it's more thoughtlessness than cowardice
Oh yeah, and the rest of the world already gets it and refuses to consume Monsanto's poison. Growth is negative
This is the most of thousands of propagandized articles on SA. The author dismisses results proving cancer causing and other toxicity in GMO products then gives no support other than a link to PR that cites no studies, laws or test results. Dont worry, your dads' buddies' money will be safe with all your shorts on broader markets, but Monsanto is a zero in 5 years and will never gain 20% from here, inc divs
Actions speak louder than words. Lots of warnings, nobody shorting anything but $LL http://bit.ly/1BW1BMX
Been taking profits shorting $AAPL for a month. 2 put buys, closed trades for 200% avg profit and holding half a position up 200%+
What a great opportunity Friday's open was for shorts! Still plenty of time to sell but boy was that a gift!!!
You figured it out yourself. Obviously most investors lack the lucidity displayed in your comment and need their hands held through an academic explanation. The author understands this. Welcome to SA
Great article Ian. I've followed you for a while and would like to inform contributor DGI and others that question your track record that it may be the single best on SA. You've hit numerous home runs and at an extraordinary percentage, both long and short. Impressive to see your overall strategy is more conservative and portfolio is likely larger than I previously thought.
No money=no demand. IT support is a dead industry. Growth from?
China grew as the lead exporter during a global economic boom. The author asserts that India will grow in some sort of fantasyland where "developed economies," which will continue experiencing rapid decline, either don't exist or grow. Reality is not academic, you're welcome
Holy bubble talk!! What about the rest of the world???? Context, please
Capitalism lol
By far the most misinformed writing Mr Shafer has contributed. Democracy lol
Today's move looks like a final blowoff, just bought a couple weekly 130 puts.
I was going to commend you on the 31.65 max retracement call in the comments below your last article, but you beat me to the punch with this article.
Frankly I've been a bit surprised silver has not been more volatile recently. The $8 range over 15 months defies the high beta mantra and coincides with your "not a risk asset" argument. Gold has been more predictable for me since peaking in August 2011. After falling below $1800 shortly after that level has been unattainable despite repeated analyst calls for imminent rallies and unwavering positive sentiment. It seems sentiment today is more positive on silver than gold.
Seemingly, as you've said time and time again, supposed correlations should be ignored and even gold and silver should be looked at as entirely different markets.
From my perspective there are too many prospective silver buyers in the $25-27 range for that level to act as a bottom. Therefore $28 (which we'll see next week) or $22 are the levels I'll be watching closely for a turn.
If, however, the US debt ceiling is held beyond 2 months from now and austerity becomes the way of the good ol' USA, sub $20 silver is almost assured as the country dashes for cash.
My condolences to you and your family, I'm sure your wife's spirit will live on in fond memory.
All the best
A penny stock scam? Oh the oddity!!
Enjoy the GDX dive into the close yesterday? Ready for another GDX dive today? Maybe you should try currency trading to recoup some losses in mining stocks. All the majors are down over the last 6 years while gold has tripled.
April 2011 was a silver frenzy. Maybe raised margin requirements took a little steam off the top of the rally, but when the buyers go all in the price peaks, period. It's no coincidence that the silver market internals and economic internals both currently suggest massive imminent selling.
250,000,000,000 people on the verge of liquidating their assets is a market moving event. Why would the market give panic sellers a good price? PMs aren't the only assets about to get a whole lot cheaper.
Hi Doug,
The $50 American Eagle you refer to is worth $50 in exchange or $1700 for sale, meaning the gold is not what makes it money. With regards to customs and other points you're right about the powers that be. I just think it's important for investors to heavily consider their entry points into markets and realize that future inevitabilities are not always quite imminent. I'm no bond bull by the way, I think the days of the free lunch are ending.
Metals headed north but are fading and about to take a dive, to my point of sentiment at all time highs...
$40/oz and I would just buy more silver. I believe real gold/silver ownership is a must for everyone. However, price is important
I sold some silver in April 2011 but won't be anytime soon. My point to long term investors is that a MUCH better buying opportunity is quickly approaching.
I did cover one of my two mining shorts last week.
All the best
Justin is creating a technical justification for his bullish opinion on fundamentals, something I did a few times when I first stumbled into the stock market. Sub $25 is "too good" an entry point? Are you kidding??!! When silver hit $10/oz in 2008 (after trading at $20 3 months prior) was the USD worth a third what it is today?
Nobody has been shaken out of silver besides very low conviction buyers of the $40+ breakout 18+ months ago. My deduction is that low 20s or lower is a must before we make new highs.
For the manipulation crowd: JPM needs sellers to cover their shorts and you'll be selling at $16 rather than $30. I think we go to $14 if it's an abrupt bottom, but with a little taste of austerity in the good ol USA to reinflate confidence in uncle Buck sub $25 silver could last a while (even years).
Thanks as always Avi, you're one of the few traders who provides accurate EW analysis and have helped me improve my market reading ability.
Price is not an opinion. There are no mispricings but there are predictable changes in price. Avi Gilburt has written some excellent articles on silver recently, in which he discusses all that matters in any market- sentiment.
Sentiment is reflected in price and can be studied via charts. As far as I'm concerned, the best market analysis is shared here: http://bit.ly/VqEWTo
Inflationary monetary policy under extremely deflationary fiscal/macro circumstances may result in inflation or deflation, depending on an endless number of factors. Those factors collectively determine sentiment.
No I don't take the stats at face value, but what difference does that make? Why must someone be a "deflationist or inflationist?" Guys like Schiff root for inflation, you seem to be doing the same.
Gold and silver trade in markets which incur price fluctuations. There are times to buy and times to sell.