Long only, special situations, medium-term horizon, growth at reasonable price
Long only, special situations, medium-term horizon, growth at reasonable price
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Thanks for noticing the stock splits. GOOG and CTSH were held by more than Deutsche Bank. I'll correct this. It obviously improves their performance but since they held a relatively large number of stocks their standings may not change much.
Sabrient Systems' Baker's Dozen was posted last night and VickreyBrown's Double Dozen was posted a couple of days ago.
I'll add that option too.
I added these stocks to a portfolio so you can see how they are performing. They are off to a good start. Here is the link:
Screen 1: Price-to-Free-Cash-Flow had the highest 3 year return (26.8% annual return) so these stock selections are combined first place. Screen 2: IBD Stable 70 would be next. etc.
Sabrient Systems has out performed all others over the last few years but they have not released their 2014 Baker's Dozen yet publicly.
First Trust is releasing a Unit Investment Trust (UIT) for Sabrient Systems' 2014 Baker's Dozen on January 13th. See link:
If the Sabrient Systems Baker's Dozen stocks are available publicly after that time we will add them to our stock picks page:
It appears that EMC Corp. owns a large part of VMware Inc. (80%). They do trade as separate companies, however, for diversification sake you probably wouldn't want to own both stocks. VMware was selected by JPMorgan and Barclays. EMC was selected by Deutsche Bank.
We analyzed this strategy over the period Jan 1, 2001 through December 31, 2010. The results were marginally better than a 'buy and hold' strategy. You can see the results and individual trades here:
Better results were achieved using the optimized buy and sell dates of April 20th and October 16th. See results and individual trades here:
Significantly better results were achieved using the optimized dates combined with the MACD. See results and individual trades here:
We should have mentioned that QCOR is selected by 7 of the AAII Stock Investor Pro pre-defined selection screens for Growth and/or Value which puts it in equal 4th place in the number of passing screens. You can see the passing screens at the link below:
QCOR is up 8.03% today in more the twice normal trading volume.
Thanks David. I look forward to the 'Baker's Dozen' Unit Investment Trust being formed.
The stock pick I made an error on was indeed supposed to be ALCOA (http://bit.ly/pifhdN), so that was a lousy pick, dropping 2.91% in 2012 and making the total return for the 10 experts portfolio drop to a loss of 0.24% for the year - which puts them in last place.
Here is a link to the original article: http://onforb.es/Rte6rC
The stocks are tracked using the market opening prices. I would suggest that limit orders are used on all your purchases, especially for the low priced and low volume stocks.
If you look at the October 3, 2011 portfolio chart, I think you would agree that you could have purchased all 30 stocks in the portfolio during the month of November at an average price that was up to 5% lower than the price on October 31, 2011. If you had then you would have significantly outperformed the market over the next two months by at least a factor of 2 to 1. Doesn’t that make this selection process worth a second look?
I recently decided to track the MFI portfolio performance over the course of the recommended year long holding period and started tracking a portfolio of 30 MFI stocks starting at the beginning of each month in August. At the market close today the August portfolio is down 15.81% versus the S&P -8.06% and the Nasdaq -6.87% and the September portfolio is down 1.97% versus the S&P -1.64% and the Nasdaq -1.03%. Not drawing any conclusions at this time as the August portfolio has another 10+ months recommended holding period.
The number of stocks in the August portfolio that are still in September portfolio of 30 stocks is: 14