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Dave Coker
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There are inflationary pressures in the system
but we're not seeing systemic inflation for various factors e.g., housing prices are still very subdued, as some producers are absorbing the PPI hit (shrinking margins typically) and not passing along costs to the consumer, so CPI hasn't gotten hit yet ...
An alarmingly large percentage of Greek's young people are "voting with their feet", choosing to leave the nation of their birth rather than stay and wait for taxes to rise or living standards to fall
It probably will get messier before it gets better. More deflationary pressure in the system.
Interesting article but I'm curious about backtesting - how has this metric performed over the past couple of decades? Also why did you use The Dow and not the broader S&P 500? Interesting that it considers gold overpriced at this point in time, there seems to have been a fair amount of press recently on gold closing down Q4 2011. I've taken good look at that myself
seems like all the global uncertainty and incipient monetary easing that the price should rebound in 2012.