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sorry guys but i am worried about 2 issues...
first, we are all asuming the lung results will be positive, but it seems that i remember reading about isoray trying to block the release of soe information and it was sealed under a court order. anyone else remember that?
second, i think the reason isoray has not been bought out is because many experts might think that immunotherapy is going to leapfrog all other treatments and completely wipe out cancer all together.
now before you start insulting m, i'm in on margin at 2.24....so i want this baby to please please please go up!
sorry to keep bringing up a different stock other than the one focused on in the article...but given that IRE is directly related, what is the possibility of the same thing happening to it? is there anyway to find out when such an event might happen to the ADR for Bank of Ireland?
thanks for the quick answer! do you have any idea why it has dropped from 22 to 17 in the last 3 weeks?
Does the same thing apply to the ADR for the Bank of Ireland (IRE)?
sooooo, let me see if I understand the point of this article..the worst six months of the year start in May. ok. got it. thanks!
excellent article and even better replies to comments....i actually learned more reading your replies and i totally agree...with smartphones it's all about the apps.
since your not so hot on NOK, have any other long term plays in mind that could have the same upside as NOK could have if they would just change a few things?
I think this is a well written article...I only have one "criticism"...
When you state that "Facebook drives smartphone sales"...it would be nice to provide some concrete evidence for this link between smartphone sales and facebook...afterall, samsung has no deal with facebook and look at their smartphone sales...otherwise i like the optimistic tone of the article because i only own 3 stocks and this is one of them...(hoping and praying for nokia quality to get my retirement back!)
In my humble opinion...the problem is with marketing. I live in the biggest smartphone market (China) and I never see any Nokia commercials and when I go visit China Mobile stores, the Lumia posters are almost non-existent. Meanwhile, that dam Samsung logo is everywhere.
I recently read that the VP for marketing at Nokia resigned....I am sorry to hear about someone leaving their employment, but, I hope Nokia finds someone to get in there and start kicking ___.
If you want to know how bad the marketing in China is, read this
The Chinese call every American arrogant. They really can't stand America and if you lived in this country you would encounter a great deal of resentment and blatant rudeness from these people. Stories in newspapers and reporters on TV constantly use the term American arrogance and on one show, a famous Chinese commentator actually said that America should be careful because he recently flew from China to New York, and China has missiles that can do the same. No kidding...no joking....and no exagerrating. I was watching the show when he said it.
"In India.......Nokia's cheaper models continue to sell in high numbers. ............low-end Lumia models such as Lumia 520 are also selling very well in India"
When making these kind of statements, it would be nice to see a link or reference to back it up.
"In India (the second biggest mobile phone market in the world), Nokia's cheaper models continue to sell in high numbers. Apart from the Asha models that are really popular in the country, low-end Lumia models such as Lumia 520 are also selling very well in India"
When making these kind of statements it would be nice to see a link or reference to back it up.
I really appreciate the information on sales. The point of the article is to describe the marketing efforts with the China Mobile stores in Shanghai and provide a clear and accurate of the pricing plan.
I am long Nokia and would like to see them have a lot more presence for those 700 million customers. Wouldn't you?
Unfortunately I did not ask any questions about the Windows OS or the availability of apps.
It would be good to know more about app development. I have read from other sources that Microsoft was putting a lot into app development but I do not have any specifics, such as how many people they are hiring, what kind of contests they are using to promote app development from individuals, etc...
absolutely not true. if that were my core motif then i would have lied in my disclosure. what kind of criminal mastermind discloses his motif during his crime?
for additional disclosure, i added to my position many weeks ago at 4.29...now the dang-on pps is at 3.59 when I submitted this article, knowing full-well the negative results of my research..
but really, do you think this article and this information is going to cause a change in the pps? really? do you?
Thanks for the positive feedback (so far)! I hope someone at Nokia reads this article and decides to train, or retrain, the China Mobile salespeople to push the 920 a little more, at least say it has the best camera when a customer asks. I tried to contact Nokia to see if they were interested in the results of this quasi-scientific field research, but the person that replied said they have their own people doing similar "mystery shopping". Hmmm...