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  • The Factors That Will Drive Gold Higher Soon: Gold Forward Rate, China And India
    on Thu, Apr. 17 GLD, UGLD 13 Comments
  • Beazer Home's Debt Deal Reflects Deteriorating Homebuilder Fundamentals
    on Fri, Apr. 11 DHI, KBH, LEN 15 Comments
  • March Auto Sales: Headline Numbers Conceal Fundamental Weakness
    on Thu, Apr. 3 F, GM 13 Comments
  • The Housing Market Is Starting To Get Hammered
    on Fri, Mar. 28 BZH, DHI, KBH 36 Comments
  • February Existing Home Sales Data Shows Accelerating Housing Market Contraction
    on Tue, Mar. 25 DHI, KBH, RYL 21 Comments
  • Here's How Housing Bubble 2.0 Becomes Housing Crash 2.0
    on Thu, Mar. 20 BX, BZH, DHI 172 Comments
  • 2 Black Swans That Could Crush The Housing Market
    on Wed, Mar. 12 BAC, JPM, WFC 79 Comments
  • The 'Bad Weather' Excuse Is Not Valid - The Economy Is Tanking
    on Fri, Mar. 7 XRT, RTH, RETL 54 Comments
  • February U.S. Auto Sales: The Fundamentals Continue To Deteriorate
    on Wed, Mar. 5 F, GM 14 Comments
  • The Housing Market May Be Starting To Crash
    on Wed, Feb. 26 XHB, ITB, PKB 83 Comments
  • Existing Home Sales Miss Expectations And Continue To Decline
    on Sat, Feb. 22 IYR, XHB, ITB 40 Comments
  • The Gold/Silver Ratio: Forecasting A Big Move Higher For Silver
    on Fri, Feb. 21 AGQ, CDE, USLV 25 Comments
  • The Housing Market Is In Big Trouble
    on Wed, Feb. 19 DHI, KBH, LEN 49 Comments
  • Gold: Has The Bull Started To Run Again?
    on Thu, Feb. 13 GDX, GDXJ 112 Comments
  • January Auto Sales: Another Big Miss And Decline
    on Wed, Feb. 5 F, GM 10 Comments
  • December Pending Home Sale Index: Are Existing Home Sales In A Freefall?
    on Sun, Feb. 2 DHI, PHM, RYL 25 Comments
  • December New Home Sales: Downtrend In Sales Is Confirmed
    on Thu, Jan. 30 BZH, DHI, KBH 27 Comments
  • Gold Has Found Its Bottom, Is $2000 Possible This Year?
    on Mon, Jan. 27 UGLD, AGOL, DGL 41 Comments
  • December Existing Home Sales: The Housing Bear Market Is Back
    on Sat, Jan. 25 DHI, KBH, SRS 110 Comments
  • Mortgage Purchase Applications Point To Renewed Housing Bear Market
    on Thu, Jan. 9 DHI, KBH, REM 29 Comments
  • December Auto Sales: Big Miss Vs. Expectations, GM And Ford Idle More Plants
    on Mon, Jan. 6 F, GM 16 Comments
  • The November Pending Home Sales Index: More Negative Data For Housing
    on Thu, Jan. 2 IYR, VNQ, REM 12 Comments
  • Why The Government's New Home Sales Report For November Is Not Credible
    on Dec. 30, 2013 PHM, HOV, DHI 26 Comments
  • November Existing Home Sales - Look Out Below
    on Dec. 20, 2013 DHI, XHB, ITB 13 Comments
  • Housing Starts And Builder Sentiment: The Housing Market Mirage
    on Dec. 18, 2013 BZH, DHI, KBH 6 Comments
  • As The Housing Market Bear Shows Its Head, A Credit Problem Looms
    on Dec. 16, 2013 BZH, DHI, HOV 12 Comments
  • The Economy May Have Hit A Wall In November - There Will Be No Taper In December
    on Dec. 11, 2013 DHI, KBH, SPY 40 Comments
  • November Auto Sales Yield Bearish Data: A Case Of Heavy Dealer Inventory Stuffing
    on Dec. 4, 2013 F, GM, CARZ 15 Comments
  • The New Home Sales Report: Time To Get Short The Homebuilders
    on Dec. 4, 2013 BZH, CB, DHI 24 Comments
  • As The Housing Market Approaches The Cliff A Possible Black Swan Appears
    on Nov. 26, 2013 BAC, C, DHI 32 Comments
  • Don't Fall For The Taper Talk Again: Buy Gold On This Related Decline
    on Nov. 22, 2013 GLD, SPY, SLV 47 Comments
  • Existing Home Sales For October Drop - Short This Bounce In Homebuilders
    on Nov. 20, 2013 DHI, KBH, SRS 18 Comments