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  • Apple As An Aspirational Brand [View article]
    What you wrote is absolutely true. But the Apple fanboys don't want to hear it. They've already bought their iPhones, and they think the price they (over)paid for the brand gives them prestige every time they use it in front of others. And of course they always find a way to bring it out and use it in front of others. That's why they need so many apps on their phone. They need excuses to whip their phone out and flaunt the logo to others. They refuse to admit that they were fools for overpaying for the device. They refuse to admit that the brand isn't as exclusive and exceptional as they make it out to be. They define the brand by how much they overpaid for it so they get extremely upset when anyone suggests that Apple should ever offer phones for cheaper than what they paid. Fortunately, everybody else is not obsessed with the cute Apple logo and they are surprisingly adept at ignoring all the posturing of the Apple fanboys.
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  • Apple's R&D Continues To Fuel Future Growth [View article]
    Sorry, Apple depends on supplier companies for substance. Apple is about style, pure and simple.

    Apple's "continuity" is basically what other companies call cloud services. If the service is based in the cloud, then you can get to it from any device. Guess who is the leader in cloud services. Not Apple, but it does start with an A. Amazon!
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  • Apple's R&D Continues To Fuel Future Growth [View article]
    His disclaimer says he may initiate a position within 72 hours. Your comment seems uncalled for considering that.

    My own feeling is that (NASDAQ:AAPL) is pretty close to fair value right now. It may be a safe place to park your cash while you wait for something better, but without more new product categories it's not going to take off again. Everybody who is excited about smartphones already owns AAPL and an iPhone.

    Apple could be spending a lot more on R&D than it is. But if we're never going to see those amazing new product categories come out the end of the pipeline, maybe it's a good thing Apple isn't wasting even more money on R&D that never comes up with products any more. One thing about Steve Jobs was that he never let the pipeline get bogged down. There was always something new and exciting in the works to be announced on a regular basis.
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  • iPhone 6 Event: September 9 [View article]
    But will I get an iPhone 6 under my tree?
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  • iPhone 6 Event: September 9 [View article]
    In this case analysts either mute or moot, depending on the spelling whims of the author! Apple itself is still resolutely mute.
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  • Why Apple Will Never Buy BlackBerry [View article]
    I'm not sure we need an article entitled "Why Apple Will Never Buy Cheerios?" I'm not even sure we needed an article entitled "Why Apple Will Never Buy Blackberry?" It seems to me there is entirely too much useless speculation about how Apple intends to spend the money burning in its back pocket.

    Reasoning by analogy, the author states: 'APPL has no use for QNX/BB10 which is the OS of BBRY mobile devices. AAPL has built iOS, its mobile device system, on the same Linux outline as the OS X operating system of its Mac line of computers. It would be more expedient and cost effective to program into iOS from scratch anything in QNX/BB10 that AAPL feels it would be desirable to have, rather than to attempt to cobble on that feature using code from the BBRY OS. One of the knocks on the early windows OS system of MSFT, was that it was a "shell" mounted on top of the MSFT original MS-DOS OS. This factor both slowed its responsiveness and created conflicts that caused crashes. So APPL would scrap the BBRY OS.'

    The truth of the matter is that Apple (or IBM) could very well use QNX/BB10 as a more secure base upon which to build an operating system with enterprise quality security. After all, Apple started with the much less secure Linux in building OS X and iOS. It's actually much easier to marry your favorite user interface onto a secure OS than to build an all-new secure OS from scratch, or to try to "fix" an insecure OS. Note that Microsoft Windows XP never did get to a secure state during its entire product lifecycle. Microsoft was burdened with staying one step ahead of the hackers with monthly high-priority security updates until the day they announced termination of support. Even the follow-on Windows versions are not secure and monthly updates are still required. Microsoft's mistake was not in choosing an existing OS to write Windows on top of, it was choosing the insecure MS-DOS as its starting point.

    I remain to be convinced that the Apple/IBM JV will ever be anything other than talking points for an IBM salesman to try to get his foot back in the door at all the companies he's been ejected from. They obviously have no clear plan of how to benefit enterprises, because they have not yet seen that they need a more secure platform that iOS. They also have fallen back into the IBM mindset of selling the complete bundled solution at a premium price. But modern companies with alert IT departments no longer deal with a single supplier for all their computing needs. That model is as dead as a doornail, as the saying goes. Now companies IT departments are alert to every savings and insist on the best deal possible on an item-by-item basis. Furthermore, they have learned not to lock themselves into a single supplier or a single hardware platform. They will insist that any mobile solution encompass multiple platforms, at a minimum Android, iOS, and QNX/BB10.

    Blackberry has broken out of its proprietary hardware straightjacket. But now IBM has decided it likes the style and is trying it on for size with Apple hardware! Good luck with that!
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  • Apple's Q3 Bonanza: The Real Story May Be Not Quite So Bullish [View article]
    I'm not foolish enough to short (NASDAQ:AAPL) but I believe Apple is on an unsustainable course. Fancy, expensive smartphones is a fad and a lifestyle statement. Eventually consumers will move onto something else, and chances are good that it won't be an Apple product. I remember when calculators were $300 apiece. Now they can be had for $7.01 at Don't think that smartphones won't also get extremely low. They will likely experience a similar percentage drop in price over time. Apple has to keep coming out with the next fad device, and eventually they won't. Either it will be someone else (NASDAQ:GPRO) that comes out with it, or Apple brings out a device that's a dud.
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  • Apple Stabs BlackBerry In The Heart [View article]
    Totally unconvincing article full of platitudes, generalities, and prejudices. Those enterprises who've been around the block with IBM know how dangerous it is to get tied in to any one platform. An Apple-only solution is not support for BYOD. BYOD means you stand ready to support whatever device your user wants to use, regardless of make and model.

    Then there's the security issue. Apple apparently thinks any data on your phone belongs to them and should be shared with law enforcement agencies and curious hackers at will. Backdoors that bypass encryption abound.
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  • Why The IBM-Apple Agreement Could Fail [View article]
    IBM salesmen will have 100 apps in their arsenal, but only one is likely to apply to any particular customer. So let's imagine the scenario a bit:

    IBMer: Hello, Mr. Customer, I've got a really nifty mobile app designed just for your industry. I'd really like you to take a look at it.

    Customer: Before you waste my time with a demo, let me ask a few questions.

    IBMer: OK, fire away.

    Customer: Will my employees be able to use their own devices?

    IBMer: No, they'll need the latest and greatest Apple device which I can easily arrange for you to purchase or lease.

    Customer: Times are tight. I'm not much into buying devices I don't have to. How much are these going to cost me?

    IBMer: We sell only the highest quality Apple devices, and of course Apple does not discount their devices, so that will be minimum of $600 per employee. But we can arrange a lease if you prefer.

    Customer: No thanks. Have a nice day. I prefer to let my employees use their own devices.
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  • Why The IBM-Apple Agreement Could Fail [View article]
    It may not be reason enough to bet against it, but I wouldn't be investing in either (NYSE:IBM) or (NASDAQ:AAPL) on the news.
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  • Why The IBM-Apple Agreement Could Fail [View article]
    Except that for the same cost (or only slightly more expensive) IBM could have a winning strategy with a cross-platform solution. As it is, they are making an investment that addresses a very small audience (enterprises with exclusive iOS use and no security concerns) and is significantly more likely to fail. Sure, it doesn't cost Apple anything, but then they aren't bringing anything to the table either.
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  • Why The IBM-Apple Agreement Could Fail [View article]
    Just because both companies are big and have lots of money doesn't mean that either one is infallible. This is one marriage made in he!! and the most likely result will be a complete fizzle that will be all but forgotten in a year. Fizzles aren't bankable.
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  • Why The IBM-Apple Agreement Could Fail [View article]
    IBM should have announced a cross-platform push into mobile that included iOS, Android, and BES at a minimum. Apple brings nothing to the table for IBM's initiative, but it does create a downside for non-Apple users and the enterprises that need to support them.

    Apple needs to re-"think different" about the convenience versus security trade-off in iOS.
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  • Apple Is Going To Give Corning The BlackBerry Treatment [View article]
    Just for the record, Corning is not and never was just Gorilla Glass and it won't shrivel like Blackberry just because Apple moves on to sapphire in some of its higher end products. Corning has been innovating in glass products since before Apple was a company. Who knows? They may announce tomorrow a glass even tougher than sapphire and cheaper too.
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  • Apple: Breathe Deeply, Embrace Tim Cook And Hold Until $120 [View article]
    Apple has missed the wearables boat. GoPro did what Apple should have done. GoPro is the real wearables innovator.
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