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  • 3 Good Stocks And A Controversial 4th For This Market [View article]
    Thanks for your comment Dag.....I will take a look at ACET

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  • 4 Interesting Stocks For A Tepid Market [View article]
    Agree that VXX is best for short term...... which if you are going to hedge should be for only very short term at each hedge point
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  • Important Week For The Summer Rally [View article]
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  • 4 Dividend Plays For This Earnings Season [View article]
    The real question is average length of maturities and hedging their own interest rate payable. DX has done a good job the past "x" years on managing this risk and keeping floating spreads in my opinion. I do not own the stock and cannot since I designed a UIT that included DX.

    Thanks for the question.
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  • Bad News In China Begins An Interesting Week For Investors [View article]
    Sorry for the miss information. The comment on AGNC's insider buying was a typo.
    Correction: Insiders bought around $30-32/share
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  • What Will First Quarter Earnings Bring? [View article]
    Sorry Rseye, I'm not clear what the the last part of your comment means but thanks for commenting

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  • Recapitalization Scenarios [View article]
    Good point, Alex. Thanks.
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  • Market Trying To Go Higher [View article]
    I just give you the are obviously free to consider stocks with forward PE's of less than 8 exorbitantly priced if you want is your money...
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  • The Market Wants Clarity Now [View article]
    I thought I replied to this earlier today but apparently my reply disappeared. Thank you so much for taking time to shed more light on this controversial subject. You remind methat there are usually two sides to most stories.

    For those of us who are not medically trained, Mr. Brill's article was quite startling. I guess it would be better if the medical staff were receiving those outlandish salaries and bonuses that the "non-profit" administrator's were shown to be receiving (assume those were true). Thanks again.
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  • Equities Are The Best Game In Town [View article]
    Fair point. I was going from a computer print out and thought it T4Q dividends. Sorry.
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  • New Twist On Flight To Safety [View article]
    We will need to resepectfully disagree on Apple and I'm not even a Mac guy. Don't have an iphone or an Ipad.

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  • New Twist On Flight To Safety [View article]


    I'm the eternal optmist. But I try to be as objective as possible and I read as many "independent" (if such exist)" opinions as you can fit into a typical week. I'm hoping for some sign of compromise and think it just migt happen. Of course you should follow your own thinking on this any other matter.
    Feb 11 08:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Market Valuation Just Above Average [View article]
    I think if you contrast forward P/E to anticipated EPS growth you will find a significant correlation with future performance.

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  • Selecting Stocks From The Bottom Of The Cliff [View article]
    Nothing magical. As a diversion from slow markets during the holiday season we build a one year hold of 13 equities into a portfolio that we call the Baker's Dozen. We make sure it is diversified and reasonably in tune with the year ahead as we it.

    It has done quite well over the past 5 years since we began so look forward to the exercise. This past year the portfolio was up about 45% with dividends included. It has been covered the past few years by the Wall Street Journal. Bloombergs Pimm Fox and others. provides an interesting running performance of 20 or so top firms to compare their various look ahead portfolios issued this time of year. Sort of a competition for us.

    The rest of the year, we are busy building indices that will underly ETF's, UIT's and other structured products that we publish for our clients.

    Thanks for your question.
    Jan 12 01:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Performance Review: 2012 'Smart Money' Portfolios [View article]
    We should add that we found it quite unusual that no other Investment Banker selected even one of our selections in 2012 even though all were very large companies. I think only two were down for for the year and the worst was a little over 2% down. I don't have the final list in front of me with the scores so not positive of that.

    Barron's did select Seagate as you can see above. Good that 4 of the firms did better than the major indices!

    Thanks to Dark-Liquidity for your effort in publishing the results all year.
    Jan 2 11:14 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment