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  • David Fish
    The Dividend Champions spreadsheet and PDF have been updated through 1/31/12 and can be found at
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    • SDS (Seductive Dividend Stocks): Thank you for update. I used it to fool with numbers - see
    • David Fish: Thanks, I left a comment.
    • Ocean Man: David - great info, thanks. Somebody said NVS raised their div 2% to 2.40 for later this month, but I can't verify. Can you?
    • David Fish: See the info on the Contenders tab. I'm showing it as $2.3527, but that might be an estimated transalation into U.S. dollars.
    • David Fish: Sorry...I take that back...I'm looking at last year's info, so apparently I haven't seen anything on the next increase.
    • Jeff Paul: Thanks, David. I already put it to use to rebalance my Income-Growth model portfolio...article should post in the next day or two.