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David I. Templeton, CFA  

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  • Equity Market Performance Around Crisis Events
    Mon, Jun. 29 SPY, GREK 2 Comments
  • Companies Continue To Enhance Earnings Per Share Via Stock Buybacks
    Fri, Jun. 26 SPY, SH, SSO 2 Comments
  • Stock Investors Should Hope 2015 Is A Repeat Of 2013
    Fri, Jun. 19 TLT, SPY, DIA 2 Comments
  • Low Bullish Investor Sentiment Generally Leads To Strong Forward Returns For Stocks
    Sun, Jun. 14 SPY, SH, SSO 5 Comments
  • High-Quality Stocks Hold Up Better In Broad Equity Market Corrections
    Mon, Jun. 8 SPY, SH, SSO 1 Comment
  • Share Buyback Investment Strategy Beginning To Underperform Broader Market
    Mon, Jun. 1 SPY 6 Comments
  • Lower Oil Prices Ahead?
    Fri, May 29 USO, OIL, UCO 1 Comment
  • Incurring Investment Risk Near A Market Correction
    Tue, May 26 SPY, DIA, QQQ 4 Comments
  • Divergent Performance Between Transports And Industrials Likely Not Indicating Broader Economic Weakness
    Mon, May 25 SPY, DIA, QQQ 3 Comments
  • Bonds Performed Poorly Leading Up To Release Of Fed Minutes
    Thu, May 21 HYG, BKLN, AGG Comment!
  • Anemic Economic Growth Since The Great Recession And Some Causes
    Tue, May 12 6 Comments
  • Dividend Paying Stocks Struggling Mightily
    Thu, May 7 VIG, SDY, NOBL 13 Comments
  • Stock Buybacks Are Not A Primary Factor In Lower Wage Growth Rates
    Wed, Apr. 29 RINF, INFL, UINF 2 Comments
  • A Further Rise In Crude Oil Prices Facing Headwinds Near Term
    Sat, Apr. 25 XOM, COP, USO 5 Comments
  • Investor Letter Spring 2015: Another Weak First Quarter?
    Fri, Apr. 24 SPY, DIA, QQQ Comment!
  • Higher Yield And Value Oriented Strategies Underperforming Broader Market
    Thu, Apr. 23 SDY, IVE, IVW 11 Comments
  • Economic Surprise Indices: Bad News Might Actually Be Good News
    Mon, Apr. 20 Comment!
  • Expecting A Weak Q1 2015 Earnings Season, But Looking At Forward Guidance
    Mon, Apr. 13 SPY, DIA, QQQ 1 Comment
  • Emerging Markets Not Out Of The Woods Yet
    Sat, Apr. 11 EEM, VWO, EDC 6 Comments
  • Additional P/E Multiple Expansion Possible Until The First Fed Rate Hike
    Mon, Mar. 9 RINF, INFL, UINF Comment!
  • A Strong Dollar Does Not Mean Large Cap U.S. Multinationals Underperfom Small Cap Equities
    Sun, Feb. 8 UUP, VB, UDN 11 Comments
  • How To Profit From An Increase In Oil Prices When It Occurs
    Thu, Jan. 29 USO, XLE 10 Comments
  • Shale Oil And Gas Production Projected To Increase In February
    Tue, Jan. 20 USO 14 Comments
  • Four Consecutive Weeks Down For Equity Market Not A Common Occurrence
    Tue, Jan. 20 SPY, IVE, SH 2 Comments
  • Dividend Payers Underperformed Non-Payers In 2014 And Equal Weighted Risk
    Sun, Jan. 11 SDY, SPY, RSP 6 Comments
  • Dividend Growth Equities Outperform During Increasing Interest Rate Periods
    Mon, Jan. 5 VIG, SDY, NOBL 2 Comments
  • A Market Needing To Resolve Divergences In 2015
    Mon, Jan. 5 HYG, IEI, EFA Comment!
  • Strong Rebound In Third Quarter 2014 Buybacks
    Dec. 29, 2014 AAPL, IBM, JNJ 2 Comments
  • Is The Recent Market Decline Really A Rout?
    Dec. 11, 2014 DBE, RJN, JJE 4 Comments
  • Evaluating Potential Changes To Index Holdings
    Dec. 8, 2014 BMS, RCL Comment!
  • Dividend Payers Return Trailing Non-Payers Through November
    Dec. 7, 2014 SPY, VIG, SDY 3 Comments
  • Eyeing Potential Changes In The 2015 Dogs Of The Dow
    Nov. 30, 2014 CVX, XOM, CSCO 1 Comment