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  • David Jackson
    Ugly 2013 for commodities: $PPLT $GLD $SLV $JJG $SGG $JO $CORN $JJC $JJU $JJN $LD $PALL $OIL $GAZ
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    • Lansen: Can coffee stay this low? Is inventory down enough to go with JO?
      Jan 5, 1:52 AM
    • David Jackson: I don't know the coffee market well enough. Do you know what caused the price decline?
      Jan 5, 2:16 AM
    • FrankTrades: Supply. It's easy to grow even for 3rd worlders. Production increasedGraph 5 here --
      Jan 8, 1:07 PM
    • David Jackson: Thanks! Great link.
      Jan 8, 11:16 PM