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David Landes  

David Landes is the founder and CEO of BondsOnline Group, Inc. a suite of financial information and data websites for fixed income investors, and financial professionals. The sites,,,, and provide levels of data and analytics suitable for individual investors seeking "Income Investor Tools", and for tax and valuation professionals seeking specific benchmark valuation data. Yield and Income Newsletter provides monthly surveys of income opportunities for investors.

The company, and I, also developed and sold an e-commerce network for municipal bond issuers and underwriters to transact new issue origination, used by all major ...More
  • Description: Company executive. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Bonds, Dividend stock ideas & income, Energy stocks, REITs
BondsOnline / PreferredsOnline BondsOnline Group, Inc. publishes a suite of websites providing financial data, information, and research for fixed income investors, financial planners, registered investment advisors, and tax and valuation professionals. We provide instant access to prices and descriptive information for over 3.5 million ...More
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