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  • Intel's 14nm Delay More Complex Than Process Technology [View article]
    If ARMH has emerged as a big enough competitor to make an AMD acquisition possibly pass the DOJ test, then the conjecture on AMD makes a lot of sense. I used to think that Nvidia was the best option but I am not sure now based on having to ingest the same thing that AMD did long ago. As it is, AMD's buy of ATI nearly killed ATI because of trust issues in the community. The cross-licensing (not sure at what level) between Nvidia and Intel a while back (2011, $1.5 billion to Nvidia over 5 years discounted at 1.4 billion and a broad cross-license except for hold-backs from Intel on x86 etc. ) never seemed to really yield anything from either side (well money for Nvidia and maybe air cover for Intel) that I could see so unless it was just an anti-troll deal then it never made any real sense.

    Anyway, this entire situation puzzles me and I feel like if I dig far enough I will come up with this one thread that somehow unravels the confusion to make the whole picture incredibly clear. I just cannot find the end of that thread.

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  • NQ Mobile: Behind Smoke And Mirrors Lies The Truth, Part 2 [View article]
    First of all that link needs a hardcore translation imo.

    Secondly, I made good money on LEAP options yesterday to today and closed out with the stock mid 13s but this stock still acts incredibly odd and I am also not really clear on why they are transferring these cash balances in such odd increments?

    I have been positive this stock since like 8 a share making money all the way up (in and out) never betting against it but the murkiness and oddities as well as the beyond normal amounts of incestuous activity that seems prevalent and normal practice gives me pause not just with this stock but with all of the rest of this general area of the world.

    It absolutely reminds me of the shell stuff back in the pump and dump days with convertible debs all over the place and train wrecks just an inch away all the time.

    Fun to trade but damn...ya know? Certainly not worth getting your knickers in a twist over and the evaporation of that much market cap in one fell swoop has clearly put far more than normal market challenges in front of them.

    Good trades


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  • Tesla's Non-GAAP Fairy Tale [View article]
    Yeah...too polite especially in the face of abject rudeness is not one of the talents I have mastered. ;)

    I just marvel at people attacking the messenger or message. Bring up facts...bring up data...

    How you feel matters little in the grand scheme of things once the hype bubble blows up.

    Thanks again for hanging in there. I would never want small-minded people to chase off good authors.

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  • Tesla's Non-GAAP Fairy Tale [View article]
    Screw them JP. Bluntly those types of attacks show their ignorance not yours.

    Thanks for the continued diligence. I believe this stock is way beyond where it should be...the hype cycle referenced above is absolutely a barometer of that...

    The safety report did blow my mind but in a good way. I think the whole industry needs to be shaken up but that does not mean it has to be at the current valuation that TSLA is rocking...

    Anyway, screw the haters. Most people that get like that are mental midgets anyway.

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  • Why You Should Be Happy That Intel Is At $22 Instead Of $36 And Pray For Lower Prices [View article]
    What Khajnar24 just said matters...

    Falling in love with anything will be the death of investors. It's lazy.

    Look at the here and now and the level it is from now for 18-24 months at MAX...

    Put the rest of it in mutual funds and forget it if you want to look beyond that...

    So many bitter people...jeez. It's's not your kid.

    Treat it as such.

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  • Why You Should Be Happy That Intel Is At $22 Instead Of $36 And Pray For Lower Prices [View article]
    Tons of fallacies in TA's response...

    Not to mention, I always chuckle when I hear the instruction set argument because this exact same battle has been fought and won at least once in each of the decades I have been in the industry so far and this will be the fourth time.

    Like CA says...time will tell and hopefully you all make money either side you choose...just be nimble and never fall in love with any one stock no matter how much you believe in the story. That is how tragedies are made.

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  • A $132 Million Company Worth Less Than $0: Short Inscor [View article]
    Haha! Dr. Kris's bio kicks total $ss.

    Well played m'aam. Well played.

    On a side note, I have a best friend that runs a next gen artificial intelligence self healing grid company that I bet could be put to amazing use running your models. He and I always laugh about it because it's like, when you can solve so many of the world's problems, which ones do you start with first. :) He decided CyberSecurity was the way to go.

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  • Tesla's Non-GAAP Fairy Tale [View article]
    I am amazed at how calmly John has dealt with some of the more pathetically rude people on this thread.

    You folks want input on stuff, right? You want authors to try?

    If so then when it is counter to what you believe state the why and what and let the merits of the company rise or fall from there. Getting personal shows a mental weakness that will cripple you longer term.

    Do not fall in love or in hate with any single stock. To do so puts your entire portfolio and financial health at risk imo.
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  • Intel: What About McAfee? [View article]
    Actually that is not entirely correct...

    I am all for open and the hooks are absolutely open to be utilized and are in some respects like the Altiris thing.

    At the same time, the work it takes to utilize those hooks is beyond non-trivial. It takes a lot of engineers and coders to make it work.

    Go look at how long it took to develop DeepSafe. If the other companies want to leverage it then more power to them but so far very few ever want to put the muscle on it because it costs a lot in premium engineering talent.

    Best regards,

    Aug 11 02:16 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A $132 Million Company Worth Less Than $0: Short Inscor [View article]
    Good article Ashraf. The response from Goldman was pretty priceless.

    At the same time, thinking about shorting a stock like this on the Pink Sheets (knowing how these pump and dumps have worked in the past) gives me the heebie jeebies.

    Keep writing. Much appreciated.

    Aug 10 11:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla's Non-GAAP Fairy Tale [View article]
    Solid article John. I always appreciate this kind of sleuthing on stocks that I do not regularly follow because I do it on the ones I do.

    Short is not usually my game but I love options and so Puts on this may be worth a look.

    Thanks again for taking the time.

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  • Intel: What About McAfee? [View article]
    The couple of statements from him boggled my mind to the point that I was expecting to be at least marginally impressed when I checked out what they were doing. There may be more magic somewhere but even if there is, the Patriotic thing was a bridge way way too far imo.

    Thanks for the comment.

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  • Intel: What About McAfee? [View article]
    Full disclosure, I have worked for McAfee for just over two years. I was a customer since 1998ish (NAI) and was a CIO/CSO/CTO/CxO for the last 15 years of my career with roots going back to the late 80s and early 90s in various pipes and infrastructure as well as software and hardware (yes including mainframes) based security including standards work etc.

    I own Intel stock as well as about 35 other positions in and out of the industry including long and short puts, calls, options, and stock.

    I speak ONLY for myself and represent ONLY my personal opinions mostly from observances throughout the field of information technology for the last 25 plus years.

    So with that out of the way...

    Good GRIEF.

    Point one:

    I normally try desperately to stay above the fray on certain things but the Identity statement you just made is literally and totally patently false on so many levels it is painful to read. Please don't make statements like that because then even if you have decent tech, I am going to just dismiss you out of hand simply because I have to assume the chain of reasoning is so flawed that the chances of something good and lasting much less novel coming from you is clearly not worth betting on in general.

    Point two:

    Looking at your site (I have not done the patent research yet but you better believe I will sooner than later) I see truly nothing novel in the least in what you are doing from a concept perspective. White-list...locking down the boot drive...etc....great. What about the memory? What about firmware? What infinitum ad nauseam...

    What about non-windows devices? What about corporate security? What about...

    You get my point?

    Look, no question old world security has to advance...and it has and it is...but to somehow compare Symantec and where they are (nice people there and good company) with a company like McAfee from an end to end perspective...and I mean a REAL end to end perspective is simply not accurate. It's not even close to the point of being laughably not accurate. Veritas was a good company, Symantec was a good company. Together, especially once they divested their network stuff (Raptor etc.), they have lost their way somewhat on the security front specifically on the network side. Before joining McAfee (when I was still a CIO) I even laid out to some higher ups at Symantec how to close the gap quickly (when Palo was cheap and a few other companies were up for sale).

    Dude, I am not knocking on your or your tech but you honestly have no idea what all can be done at the chip level and assuming people are going to add a chip on a board or a card in a system to get to where they need to security-wise when the functions are built into chips is really pie in the sky and not realistic. I mean lots of different functions...not just the Nordic Edge stuff or IPT or anything mentioned here.

    Wanna see how you stop rootkits and the nastiest stuff?

    Here is one way...there are lots of others and we know there are no silver bullets no matter what snake-oil salesmen want to tell really (lol at this) takes a village or as I call it silver buckshot with true sharing and working together to fix this problem. Intel does that very very does McAfee and a few other companies both that we partner with and that we do not.

    Ok so here is the one I promised secret just maybe not well publicized but notice the testing afterwards...

    This type of thing matters. If your innovations get to this level then game on, flame on, and most importantly rock on because none of us can individually fix this mess we are in from a cyber security perspective...we have to work together to do it.


    DeepSafe and DeepDefender:

    Third Party Testing of DeepSafe (outside the OS security) by AV-TEST:

    Yes we commissioned the test but AV-TEST is not affiliated with us. Having said that, read the methodology and then weight the results accordingly. Interestingly, remember this is just one bullet in the chamber and McAfee's GTI (threat and reputation service) is also well respected and capable and so where the report mentions testing limited by no ability to do that for Symantec...this was a limitation for McAfee as well.

    Again man, please do not make intentionally obtuse statements like you made without knowing what is out there. I am more than willing to have a discussion as are others that have been around in our industry a long time but when you make statements like you made on an investment site, it does a disservice to the entire community including yourself.

    I have no idea if the acquisition of McAfee by Intel will end up being a super positive for the earnings and growth but I dang well know that I will be pushing as hard and as fast as I can in whatever roles I am in to make it something that will seem like it was a no-brainer before it is over.

    We have to change the game here or we will all fail. Period.


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  • Bigfoot, Bogeyman, Naked Shorts, And Other Myths [View article]
    You crack me up man. I am going to use that Chupacabra line in one of my next industry keynotes or talks. lol

    Good article. I did not realize how much they had reigned that in. It gives me a new perspective on some stocks. I have done my own trading since 1991 or so and I knew the pain of the nekkid short.

    Thanks again.

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  • QLogic: Significant Opportunity In Light Of Management Shake-Up And Emulex M&A Chatter [View article]
    Any thoughts on FabricCache and data-at-rest encryption? Or even data-in-motion encryption? I have not looked at the tech yet but that has always been a stumbling block in times past for technologies like this one and a host of others.

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